Solo low sec pvp buff #1 - get rid of sec status hits for low sec pvp

Proposal: No actions in low security space should result in security status hits.

Most low sec pvp is consensual on some level…silly to impose a sec status hit.

I know some folks like -10 sec status as a badge of honour but this should not be at the expense of enhanced gameplay. Nevertheless, if some people want this then of course give them a button to turn on sec status hits so for them it will all be as before.

We will improve low sec pvp with this change because:

  • more players will come to low sec - hi sec corps will suddenly be able to launch adventures for their members without affecting their core gameplay. No one will avoid low sec today because of consequences tommorrow.
  • logistics will be easier for those already there - more cruisers and other non frig pvp should result as it will be easier to base out of hi sec and operate in low sec.

Assuming you don’t pod, doing the odd roam to low sec is not going to cause a significant impact to your sec status. Regular ratting will easily keep up with it.
Logistics will not become easier if more combat happens also, since attacking industrials at gates will become less of an impact (Especially since the gate guns are coded to work off the sec status drop)

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Tags were introduced in lowsec, specifically to make it easy to recover from sec status hits from pvp.

If you don’t want to rat like Nevyn recommends (and it’s a good one), then find a Concord station and buy tags, or go get them from the clone soldier rats directly.

Here’s the original devblog:

This. Personally I think this is a very well balanced system, with almost perfect symbiosis of PvP and PvE.


Lowsec is low population because it’s pointless outside of FW. There’s zero reason to live in low when you can live in null. Well, I guess there’s no bubbles in low, but meh.

Er… what does a different size of hull have to do with sec hits?

As was said before, if you rat literally at all you’ll more than repair your sec status. If you’re out in low engaging in enough combat to notably affect your sec status, you probably live out there anyways and such a sec status hit is moot anyways.

Er… what does a different size of hull have to do with sec hits?

It’s more problematic to move around low sec in bigger ships alone if you have low sec status. That is one reason why many low sec pvpers with negative sec status favour small ships.

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