What's the meaning of the sector numbers? 0.0 to 1.0?

I know this:

05-1.0 - highsec
0.1-0.4 - lowsec
0.0 or less - nullsec

If I understand it than:

highsec = only npc can attack you (in the asteroid belts - the only PvE place in the game).
lowsec = same as highsec but with extra PvP in the asteroid belts.
nullsec = only PvP.

And also as the number is lower then the npc are stronger.

Am I right?

Not really.
0.5-1.0 - you can only be attacked by other players if they have declared war on your corporation. If they haven’t declared war, then they will be destroyed a few seconds after they open fire (the time depends on the system security). A few seconds is plenty if the player is motivated enough.
0.1-0.4 - lawless, except at gates and stations, where there are automatic guns that will shoot at anybody who attacks you (most of the time, depending on the exact circumstances).
0 (nullsec) - no guns to defend you and people are allowed to use warp bubbles, which will ruin your day.


No, you are wrong.

Golden Rule: As soon as you undock, you can be attacked, no matter what kind of security status the system has.

But in Highsec if there’s no war, and you are not suspect (e.g. for looting forbidden wrecks or killing MTUs), and you are not criminal (bad security standing), and have no engagement timer, the attacker will be punished (ship destroyed) by CONCORD. So you have to make sure to stay alive until CONCORD arrives, which takes several seconds (up to 25 seconds) or to be not a valuable/easy prey which is worth losing some Dessies for the attackers.

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What do you mean? There’s plenty of PvE in the game, the easiest are anomalies and security missions.

No, it depends on what’s up in the system: Incursions, Triglavians and that kind are very tough and don’t care about sec status. And there’s also very easy “Hideaways” in 0.5 systems.

Nope, there are the most valuable rats in the game, so there’s very much PvE.

I suggest to do some reading: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/System_security

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High-sec (1.0 - 0.5):

  • Unlawful PvP is punished by CONCORD. Lawful PvP possible (wardecs / duels / in-corp PvP)
  • PvE in many forms (for instance missions)

Low-sec (0.4 - 0.1):

  • Basically as high-sec minus CONCORD intervention (but with standing hits when unlawful PvP).
  • Only defence are gate/station guns. Who will fire upon unlawful aggressors initially but forget about the crime if they leave the grid and return.

Null-sec (0.0 - -1.0):

  • Anything goes. The only law there is, is the one you can enforce yourself.
  • Big PvE options in null-sec too. Both in form of NPC missionns in NPC null-sec aswel as anomaly ratting
  • 3 versions of null-sec:
    • SOV null-sec: Player alliances own systems and utilize them to their need and fight over control
    • NPC null-sec: Systems are owned by NPC factions (f.i. ORE / Guristas / Angels). Has NPC stations and also NPC missions for said faction.
    • J-space: Inside wormholes. Acts like null-sec but local is empty. Capsuleers only show up when they speak in local.


Thinking that hi-sec = safe is the biggest error you can make.

If you are in space, you can be attacked. The only difference that the sec level of the system makes in that, is the what game mechanics are activated after the first shot is fired at you.

I think most low/null/wormhole PvEers would beg to differ. There is plenty of PvE to be done outside of high sec. The (fun!) challenge is doing it without being caught.

many good answers here
it is obvious that you don’t really know the basics of the game

  • you should either quickly join eve-uni or another newbie-friendly corp, where you will learn the basics
  • you can also decide to learn by yourself, read guides using google, dive into the unknown, do mistakes, learn and improve (or come here, whine and complain about game mechanisms and other players behavior, and get the usual “this game is not for you, good riddance” ;))
    welcome to eve


We really, really need an update with Trigsec.





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