Rename Sec Zones

Seriously, sick of hearing High Sec is High Security.

It’s a misnomer and seriously confuses the care bears.


And do you feel this is one of the biggest problems facing Eve Online today?

“Something, something managing expectations.”

I’ve known more than a few people in my life who insist that something must be so because it was named a certain way.
Example: I once argued with an Uber driver that thought the Sun was not a star because, “if it was a star it would be called a star!!” (this is what he told me, verbatim).

I think this idea has merit.


But the Star ‘Earth’ (Sol 3) orbits, is known as Solis.

Except it is high security. Nothing in the name high security implies perfect security.


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Why not call it…


High Sector? :dealwithitparrot:

:popcorn: :smiling_imp:

I call it Highsex, Lowsex, Nullsex.


It isnt.

Confusion comes from players’ assumption that security rating is for them when in reality it is for main factions:
high security means high presence of faction military force,
low security - factions have some presence but nothing major in these systems
null security - no presence of (4)main factions.


In High-sec and low-sec, rules apply to attacking someone else. Ignoring all the rules in highsec means you lose your ship as well.
That creates a massive detterent. So massive in fact, I feel high-sec is very safe.
But if you don’t get the rules; then yeah, everywhere is dangerous.

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It is a misnomer because it is not security, it is justice. Security would PREVENT crime, what we have is PUNNISHMENT.

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You know what I want?

I want a thread where Hilmar, Falcon, and a bunch of devs all answer the question “what is Eve?” in their own words. Where they discuss their thoughts on safety, conflict, what an open sandbox means to them.

That way every time someone starts bitching and whining about how evil pvp is, we can just link that one thread and they can go back to WoW or Hello Kitty Online.


Yup, very much. Here’s a good start:


It is high security for the npcs. They can mine all they like while npc pirates just hang out in the same belt waiting for a player…


What even is “Hello Kitty Online” anyway?

(Google search)

Frakking hell, that’s actually a thing. Was CCP Wrangler psychic or something? The earliest mention of it I could find was from 2008…

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I’ll tack on to this.
From the eyes of the Empires, High, Low, and Null are aptly named.

–Gadget understands context

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Tinky Winky (Hisec)
Dipsy (Lowsec)
La-La (Nullsec)
Po (WHs)


Next topic.


Make a thread, this is a great idea :slight_smile:

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yep, rename it to “high punishment”.

Knowing this is what separates the noob nouveau-null and carebear from the elite PvP experts.