Securing High Security Space

I still don’t understand allowing such high levels of piracy in what is supposed to be a high security area. At a minimum, there should be no conflict allowed within 200km of the major trade hubs. And if you are destroyed in High Security space you should have to authorize someone else to pick up you equipment. The piracy should be pushed out to low and null security where it should be. Those areas are supposed to be hazardous. High security should not be a low security environment.


Question for you: Do you think that “Gun Free Zones” in the real world mean that anyone with a gun is magically unable to use it? Or do they mean that if you commit a crime, there will be repercussions for that act? Because much like real life, the latter is already true in High Security space- If you commit “piracy” by ganking CONCORD will shoot you down and destroy your ship. A ten second response time for cops who will 100% of the time defeat the bad guy sounds pretty high security to me.


I’m not sure what you’re asking for, here, OP.

Are you asking CCP to create a mind reading device that will detect someone who may be thinking unsavory thoughts and planning to commit a crime in high sec and then stop them from doing so?

How would you accomplish this:

Are you gonna go ask each and every pirate personally to move their conduct to low and null security space?

What is it that you’re trying to do here with this post?


You are misunderstanding the term. “high security” =/= “High safety”

It only determines how fast the police respond. Think of it this way. You could live in a fancy gated community with private security, yet someone could still sneak in and murder you. They probably wouldn’t last much long after that though.


My understanding of high security is that it means the area is patrolled by CODE. enforcers. If you want to AFK mine, better to do it in some dusty wormhole.


Perfectly logical aspiration. Just not one that fits with EvE’s lore or game play. This lore is based on existence of absolute and terminal punishment for crimes of violence. Not necessarily its prevention.

And “not necessarily” is weasel phrase that highlights how lore can be a bit inconsistent within game play that says EvE is a sandbox. Sandbox means that even though we all have ability to set our own level of safety to green, yellow, red, so we don’t “accidentally” shoot someone, you cannot impose that setting on anyone else.

The problem I have is CCP has already imposed that restriction, albeit in very specific circumstances of when you are “flying” a structure. One of my gripes is that when ganked or wardecced you do not have option of instant self-destruct or scorched-earth. Where this relates to your point is in a structure you are specifically not allowed to be anything but green. A structure cannot fire on non war-decced parties meaning you also cannot “self-destruct via CONCORD”. I find that somewhat inconsistent. After all, if you were going to force non-piracy on structures, why not then support your idea of imposing it around structures, such as trade hubs?

I already know the answer … argument will always come back around to lore, sandbox, yadda yadda yadda. Plus, there is security in hisec, in sense that pirates are at least restricted in the weapons they can use to kill you.

Exactly this.

Let me use an example I like to try and explain the difference between the two.

Lets say you are at your friends back-yard BBQ, probably no bouncers or cops around, no security of any sort really except what you and your friends can provide. but despite that you are PROBABLY about as safe there as you can be while out in public. sure someone might get drunk and throw a punch but thats about the worst of it. No security, but High safety despite that.

Next lets take the neighborhood bar, maybe there is a bouncer there, maybe the owner has the cops on speed dial “just in case” pretty low security over-all, but still its security of some sort. its also still “mostly” safe, sure the odd-bar fight might break out but probably nothing much worse than that. so low security, but moderate safety.

Lastly lets take the busiest night-club in the city, lets even say they are having some big special event. They probably have teams of bouncers, everyone going into the club is getting pat-down at the door, hell they may even have some actual cops on duty just to make sure everything goes smoothly. about as high security as you can possibly get at a social function, but also the greatest likelyhood that SOMETHING is gonna happen, probably at least a couple fights during the night, some phones are gonna get stolen, the bathroom is gonna have more drugs go through it than a pharmacy. So high security, but also the lowest safety out of these examples.

Point being, the highest security does not directly translate to the highest levels of safety. (Incidentally, thats also why null-sec is generally one of the safest places in eve, because even though its got the lowest “security” its the back-yard bbq style example, except you and all of your friends are packing world-shattering doomsday weapons)


So what did you lose on the Jita undock?


Someone harmed you and stole your stuff, i know it can be difficult to handle in the begining but you’ll get used to it, or you’ll leave… But whatever, you can talk to us, we’ll gladly offer you advices that you are free to ignore. Oh and i almost forgot, go find a CODE. operative and buy a mining permit.


It was a 350M ISK T1 Hauler on the Amarr undock.

OP, while there might be some case to be made, or discussion to be had, that the game would be better somehow if the tethering mechanic was transferred to stations, highsec is not suppose to be safe. Highsec is a core part of the competitive gameworld, where you are open to attack and competition from the other players. Highsec is not suppose to be a perfectly safe place where you cannot lose and your internet score can only go up, but rather is is suppose to be a place where your actions and decisions matter.

If highsec were perfectly safe, what would be the point of fitting a ship? Or paying attention? You could just autopilot unfit/yield fit ships around and have the same chance of dying as tanking them and scouting for them.

You have options. T2 haulers are nowhere near as easy to gank as your Tayra if you fly them well. You should learn about insta-dock and insta-undock bookmarks. You can also do your trading at a player-owned structure that does have a tether.

Really, the game is much better off that stuff gets blown up and needs to be replaced. But I’m not sure where you get the idea there are “high” levels of piracy. Unlike say in lowsec, the statistics show that almost every ship that undocks makes it safely to its destination. I mean really, how many times have you been exploded in highsec? Most of the time, you are not a profitable target so you are not exploded, as it should be.

The game play here is to not make yourself a lucrative target. It might be more useful to ask for some tips on how to do that, then ask that the game be changed to suit the style of play you like at the expense of game play other people like.


Answer for you: When entering a real ‘High Security’ zone, you’re scanned with a metal detector, body searched and your name is checked for past history. If any of those bring up a red flag, you’re detained and then usually refused entry into that ‘High Security’ zone.

you mean kinda like how if you have low sec status and enter High sec, the space cops INSTANTLY know where you are, and then proceed to try and blow you the hell up… hell even most high-security military bases on earth don’t resort to high explosives as step 1.


Six years of flying haulers through high sec (obviously not on this character since he’s -8 sec. status) and I’ve only been ganked once. What “high levels of piracy”?


Obviously when it happens once in eight months it means that it’s happening everywhere, every day, every hour, every minute. Gankers/Pirates are everywhere, in every system, shooting haulers, shooting rookies, mission runners, everyone.


It’s totally not an exaggeration literally every single time someone mentions it. It’s totally not just in the head of the haters who project their own hate onto everyone else. It’s totally not a completely degenerated, irrational, hateful personality that’s behind this absolute nonsense.


Can’t you see?
They’re everywhere!



Insta-dock and Un-dock bookmarks provide a high degree of safety for a shipper.

It is also possible to use a third party shipping service like PushX or Redfrog to move your stuff from your camped trade hub of choice to another nearby station if you can’t be bothered to make those bookmarks.

A third option is to carry less overall value at a time if one can’t afford to lose it all at once. Drop off in another in system NPC station and split it for final delivery to the trade hub, or carry it in small loads to an in system NPC station from the trade hub for a consolidated pick up depending on which direction the goods are being shipped. This minimizes the distance of the small load trips and the risk of losing a large sum of goods at the trade hub perimeter.

There are several options that already exist to handle the situation to select from, depending on your needs and budget.


One of the balance points in Eve is risk vs reward. In a player driven economy where things don’t wear out or go obsolete, destruction is essential to create demand for the minerals you mine and the products you manufacture.

If you look at the monthly economic report (MER) you’ll see that 6 of the top 10 regions for destruction are in empire space. While the MER doesn’t distinguish between high and lowsec it’s safe to assume the vast majority is in highsec.

It is possible to travel safely but it requires some player knowledge and skill as well as some character skill. It’s up to you to decide how much risk you’re comfortable with, build an appropriate allowance for losses into your business plan, and stop worrying about it.


Not really. My local coffee shop is a Gun Free Zone and I know at least a dozen people that routinely concealed carry there. Even the courthouse, bank, and churches in town (all gun free zones) do none of what you’ve mentioned. What Fascist hellhole do you live in where you’re required to take a full body search and background check just to go to the bank or turn in your tax papers?


As an almost life-long carebear in this game, my response is: NO, THIS WILL BREAK THE GAME.


Insta undocks will solve many problems. I have flown obscene amounts of cargo in freighters and BR over the years with almost zero issues and zero ganks.

I had my hauler get bumped in niarja once. And it was in his JF, so it was just a matter of undocking the emergency cyno and jumped out.

If you are getting popped on any tradehub undock you are either just hitting a super unlucky lage spike or you were too lazy to setup your undock and dock bookmarks.


or you are ejected from station with too high angle to be able to insta undock, and too much lag to be able to check the angle and dock back before the timer stops.

Happens a lot, even with DST. Sometimes in Jita I am correctly aligned and I still am bumped by one of the multiple BS sitting on the undock.