Remove suicide ganking from high sec

I’m ok with ganking to an extent and it’s easy to jump on the HTFU bandwagon to people like the OP, but EVE is losing players. That’s simply a fact that I don’t think they can ignore anymore.

There needs to be a place where “carebears” can be part of the game or they will go elsewhere. They shouldn’t be shielded from all combat but ganking has gotten a bit out of hand imo. Add to that all the other factors (trig rats, Npc miners, etc.) and you get people leaving. MMOs aren’t supported in subscriptions by pvp players, pve players are a much larger population. If they keep leaving, then we won’t have a game left.

I’m sick of clueless morons that think it’s OK to play a game without making any effort to learn what it is about and how to play it properly, and then demand changes to the game be made to meet their ridiculous expectations.


Keep in mind without destruction the materials you’re mining are worthless and if everyone can mine safely they will be doubly worthless.

My only concern about this mentality is that there IS a place where carebears can be part of the game. If they want to do their thing in peace, they can do so almost anywhere in hi sec space. I’m an explorer, and I jump through empty hi sec systems with plenty of freely available belts all the time.

So it’s not so much that these players just want to be able to mine or rat in peace–they want to do it where they want, when they want. They don’t want to look for an empty system. They don’t want to fleet up with friends who can defend their operations. They don’t want to pay for proper tanking and they don’t want to lower their yield by flying ships with more rapid align times. It takes only the slightest bit of work, but for some that seems to be too much.

Ganking isn’t really that prevalent in the vast expanse of systems that comprise hi sec–it’s typically concentrated in a few places that are well known and thus should be easily avoidable. I’m all for wanting to play solo in peace, and frankly, it’s pretty easy to do so. I can’t understand why certain players feel like they should be entitled to play in peace EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME with absolutely no additional preparation.


I get that, but people are going to do what people are going to do. We can’t say “if people would just do this” and consider the problem solved.

Maybe a better level of engagement for pve would help and give people incentives to move around more. Maybe simply a bonus to mining in systems that haven’t been mined?

In any case player retention should be a focus.

I’m just offering a different perspective, my own perspective, as I realize we hold opposing opinions on this topic; but you’ve posted your opinion and request, publicly and I wish to state, publicly, I disagree.

I like suicide ganking in highsec. It gives highsec an element of danger that without, without suicide ganking, and war decs, imo, highsec would just be boring. Boring.

With no chance for adventure, or misadventure, when absolutely nothing happens, for a subscriber such as myself, there is no reason to play.

As to the “highsec” should be safe argument put forth by many, I’m just going to quote something @Bjorn_Tyrson posted in this thread: Securing High Security Space

This is the best explanation I’ve read regarding the differences between high/low/null sec. If I could, I’d have that quote plastered all over the new player experience. I think that quote would help manage new player expectations, a lot.

So, Sir, with respect, I disagree with your position, and I want my voice to be heard as well.


Player retention doesn’t seem to go up, despite of high-sec getting safer. There are less gankers and most of the old vets are gone. Correlation?

Laziness isn’t going to be a good argument here. You’d think that the initiation should have given that hint. You want more safety? Find it. And you arerewarded for mining in systems that have been untouched for a while.

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I agree for the most part, but I’m not sure that this particular issue impacts player retention as much as some people think. It seems to me that if retention really is the issue it seems to be, CCP should be expanding their data gathering in relation to the problem. Sending a survey out to people who cancel their Omega subscriptions isn’t enough.

Maybe CCP should send out a survey to all player accounts who haven’t logged in for 30+ days, or something similar. If I’m CCP, and I’m really concerned about the retention issue, I’d want better information as to why people really quit. From a purely business perspective, I have to believe they’re working on it, but sometimes it just seems like they’re throwing up their hands saying “why no retentionz?”

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That and push out more free skill points.

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Ive been playing for almost ten years ( ? ) Im also i hi sec care bear. Ganking is good for the game.


Please learn to play…or go mine in X4.

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Well, looks like an anti-tanked hulk has been removed from high sec…


Just no.

I mine, I gas huff, I haul, among other things. The risk is what makes the game interesting, it would be pointless* without it.

*Disregarding the fact that all games are pointless unless it teaches you something, EVE is the best learning experience u’ll get for indulging in a distraction activity.


Games are not pointless even if they don’t teach you something, games are entertainment, actually life is pointless without fun if anything. :wink:


There not many bigger care bears than me, Christ I got up at Eve London’s AMA and told people I did missions for 13 years. But no suicide ganking is a part of the game and shouldn’t be removed. Nobody should be 100% safe, get ganked then take it on the chin and adapt. Make the other guy a more tempting target.


or just fit some damn tank … or just don’t fly a hulk in HS … Or I don’t know, go play in backwater … or be active and warp away when reds enter the system…
All in all, so many ways to be safer, and yet he wants to fool people into thinking gankers are the issue…

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So you don’t want to pvp in a pvp game?
Why not take your ass into the bluezone then … All this threads whining about not being able to mindlessly mine and in other bot-aspirant activity’s .

Things you can do to be harder to gank;

*Get some space friends - this is a massive multiplayer online its meant to be played together.
*Don’t use a paper-plane close to high traffic space
*Fit tank and use ecm-drone
*Be active use your onboard scanners.
*If you cant make friends make a alt and put him in a ecm/shield repper boat.
*Read Code there are lot of good tips in there.
*If attacked overload and pray to BOB/James
*And lastly don’t undock what you cant lose.

Eve is about to find a way to do what you want not to be served everything on a plate. If you want some ingame practice on how much work there is behind every gank you are more then welcome to join me, free ships on me.


Each security status has kind of a different concord response time. They respond faster in 1.0 than they do in .5.

What if, a corporation (or a single player) could bribe concord for better protection and tier it?

Pay ________ isk for a response time ~ = 1.0 sec
Pay ________ isk for a response time ~ = .9 sec
Pay ________ isk for a response time ~ = .8 sec
Pay ________ isk for a response time ~ = .7 sec


What about a re-work of insurance…

“Hi miner, i see you want to ensure your hull and your cargo” well, to do so will cost___"

So this doesnt get rid of ganking but instead, makes the risk for gankers a little more… “can your Code catalyst kill before concord arrives in a .5 sec, as if it were 1.0 sec”

It makes allows miners to mine, and perhaps a little more “Safety”

Welcome to the community Dravis!

Why is the onus never on the miner to just fit their ship correctly and fly it like they should?