Securing High Security Space

Ok yes I will make sure in the future to list all possible ways to be unlucky.


OP; Are you in a Corp under a War Dec? I see you’re not in a NPC Corp.
Post your killmail…

Because thats what counts as High Security within this fiction.

Why is the sky blue? Shouldnt it be green and excluded from the ground by at least 50 miles at all times?

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I guess if hs is full of pirates YOU could always move out to Low…:thinking:

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Ramona! I thought you got banned again! :smiley:

It’s not unlucky, it happens a lot to be ejected with high angle. And people on the undock are here to benefit from this.

So are you this overly dense, obtuse (pick your term, I can’t decide) on purpose?

You seem smart enough to understand what people are meaning by their statements, yet you go out of your way to nitpick one small part, often then taking that part out of context of the larger idea.

I started off with “unlucky lag spike”

Your replied (with relevant parts bolded)

So yea be both blamed lag, which is pretty unlucky timing.

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Which words of “high security” don’t you understand?

Please drop personal aggression tone. Calling me dense or obtuse because you don’t understand my point just shows that you are hypocritical.

Lags are not necessary. Just undocking can request circa 40s, and even when the seems to be good you can be bumped on undock.

Your claim that BAD LUCK is required is just plainly wrong. Mechanisms are DESIGNED to ■■■■ people on the undock. People who sit on the undock with praxis are doing it for this sole reason.

Ok not on purpose. Thanks.

ok so you are are here to insult people. Thanks.

Just FYI Lag is a general term, does not need the server to have an exceptional issue to happen. You don’t need bad luck to have lag at the undock, especially in Jita.

I asked a question. You answered it. I thanked you. I’m happy to move on now.

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No you did not. You insulted me, while claiming that I meant something different from what I meant.


is not a question, it’s a plain and explicit insult.

Well technically it was actually a question. It may have been an insulting question but it was still a question.

I do apologize for the insult. I could have asked it in a better way but I decided to be blunt.

You are very active on the forums and in many cases you provide useful and helpful information to many players.

apologize accepted, let’s forget this.

I was saying, in jita there is often lag at the undock, which prevent the correct use of insta undocks. You can stil warp to them, but it requires more than a tick in many cases - unless in very fast aligning ships.

So yeah insta undock are mandatory, but they won’t solve the problem all the time. I already got my DST bumped while it seemed I was correctly aligned (and thus should have warped under one tick)

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Just to avoid any ambiguity it was me that flagged. Come on DMC, you can do better than that.

To all the people who want it to be “more realistic”: In RL there isn’t a magic police spawning next to you that knows everything. There is also a very good chance you will get away with it without repricautions.


Bring on the perma-death :smiling_imp:

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You dont see ships from China sitting off of San Diego deciding whether or not to sink a cargo ship they don’t like or want to compromise. The function of a secure area is to make it secure. As you move away from secure areas then you get more of a potential for bad things to happen. But in an area that is supposed to proffer commerce the last thing you want is risk for the commercial parties. Thats a standard with civilizations for a long time. And in eras when that wasn’t the case it caused problems and reduced the economy. You secure the main trade hubs and the economy will increase greatly because the users that are not interested in combat but more in industry would be able to be much more effective. This would allow alliances to more effectively supply and support their groups. There would also still be many areas of piracy as you go away from the secured areas. This way the game doesn’t run away those who are less interested in conflict as well and open up a larger source of income for Pearl Abyss.

Thats a false equivalency as people get two accounts and sacrifice one person to CONCORD in order to allow the other to reap the rewards. High security should be exactly that.