Concord Tags

Well that you all well know that you can use tag from clone rats to get your -10 back up to 0.0 security.
But can we get them to go even higher by using clone tags to 5.0 instead of 0.0

Reason for this idea for people doing high sec mission like level 4 an level 5 mission and Incursion in high sec.

People can go to low sec on the weekend and do low sec killing and podding and be able to still do what the like in high sec at lets say level 5 Security.

What do you guys think?

That is not necessary. You are safe in high sec from FacPo if your security status is better than -2.0.

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Safe isn’t what what I’m referring to, its to do high sec 4/5 mission that you need 4 or 5 to get it.

You need NPC faction and NPC corp standing to run these missions. Your security status is completely irrelevant for the agents.


Also the reason you can not raise your security status this way above 0 may be to not give suicide gankers too much room for cauising mayhem before they actually get negative security status. I believe that’s also why the max positive security status is 5 and not 10 (someone told me it used to be 10 way ago but I can’t verify it myself).


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it can still go above 5.0 just hard… like really hard to raise it after that. iirc there is a cap on how much it can raise each day and some rats even stop giving it all together

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