Security Status up to 5 - fast ways


i’m trying to get my security status up to 5 for the concord ships and looking for the fastest way in my case: I will not skill big ships and big guns as a prober just to get my security status up one time, so i have a jackdaw or a bomber for it to get in my pacifier.

NPC 0.0: It takes hours every day and serveral days to rat my way up to 5, so after some hours the locals will know what im doing. I have to change system after each BS kill, that means i will be hunted by interdictors soon in a jackdaw or a bomber: Not really an option.

Alliance Space: I will not touch my clean corp history just to rat a few days somewhere: No option.

Low sec: I was trying to belt rat in low sec but not much BS rats in belts are anymore, so this is not really a fast way to get up to sec status 5 in my opinion.

High Sec: I was probing down Marauders at Mission Hub’s doing Level 4 Missions in my jackdaw, warped in and shooted 1-2 BS, then changed system and same procedure again. The problem is the players warp out because they think i want to agress them somehow. I also have to go up to 3-4 Accleration Gates every time i warp in a running LV4 Mission, what makes it a slow way.

Concord Tag’s: Only work up to sec status 0 or?

I read you can do LV4 FW Missions in a Bomber or a Jackdaw. What about this new isurgencies?

Are there FW Missions against Pirates with fast security status gain in FW? So if i join Minmatar or Amarr FW can i do Missions against Angels with fast sec status boost?

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Had you been willing to fly a battleship, I would have recommended incursions. They raise security status quite fast, you also make a lot money along the way too.

Actually Exploration is a own profession in EvE in my personal opinion, but as a Prober i’m really missing a way to work on my security status.

In every other profession in EvE players can work on their personal sec status with the PvE Content of the profession: Relic and data sites are missing a way to improve personal sec status.

There is a special ship that bonus is based on sec status and the target group of this ship does not have it’s own way to work on their sec status, that is a bit pointless.

So you must be talking about the echelon. Its strictly for data/relic. I assumed at first you were talking about the pacifier which has launcher and turret hardpoints and you get bonus sec status raises when you shoot npcs

But nothing i read shows that you cant fly them with a low sec status, but its tank bonus is dependent on where your sec status is. Run some L4 missions on your own and that should help

I’m talking about the Pacifier, but I’m not talking about the ship bonus. I can also go ratting with the Jackdaw, which is faster than with the Pacifier.

Basically, I can also sit in a T1 Frigate and fly level 1 missions to increase my sec status, that’s not the point. I’m looking for quick ways to increase my security status and i can’t do it with my daily PvE content for isk: Relic and data sites.

Most players can increase their security status while making isk, but you can’t do that with relic and data sites.

To raise sec status without tags you have to attack non capsuleer pilots. Ie NPCs.

You get a 10% bonus to sec status gains killing npcs flying the pacifier

Have you even really read the thread?

I did yes. But im telling you the FASTEST way is to use the pacifier to fight pirates.

So unfortunately doing data and relic does nothing for your situation. You have to choose one of the options above.

Have you even trained any of the social skills?

Well, if that’s really the fastest way for probers, then there’s really a need for discussion here.

As a Prober, I have twice the work and twice the time required: I fly my daily PvE content (relic and data sites) for isk and then I have to run PvE content again for security status?

Why would I go ratting in a Covert Ops? The repair bonus makes sense, that’s why I want to fly the Pacifier. The bonus you mentioned makes no sense on a frigate, if that is the fastest way for probers to gain sec status, then probers are at a massive disadvantage in the game balance.

I don’t will waste any skill points just for getting my sec status up to 5 one time, thats also not my point: When it will take some days longer because of missing skills thats another story.

Pacifier has launchers for a reason.

Yes, that’s why I want to fly it, but my personal opinion is that the Pacifier has launchers because of the Astero and not for ratting purposes. :wink:

Well it has the bonus to ratting for that purpose

Yes, but the bonus is completely meaningless on a frigate. It takes me a long time with the jackdaw in sharpshooter mode allready, but when I go ratting with the Pacifier it takes me forever.

Security status ratting in a Covert, that’s a joke CCP right?

Edit: and this is different to J-Space: Sleepers don’t give any security status gain, but for a T3 ship bonus you don’t need a certain security status, for the Pacifier you do.

well not only is it a covert prober, it has all kinds of neat bonuses for all different weapon types… i don’t know why you are so against using it to do L1’s or 2s considering missions you just have to kill the highest bounty rats…

Yes, of course I could do that. I could now also sit down in a Probe and fly LV1 missions for security status.

if you are intent on doing that, with a jackdaw you could at least tell the runner that you are trying to raise your sec status… most runners are basically risk adverse and when someone comes into our missions we flee

Yes, that would probably have been smart, but it’s basically too complicated and takes too long for me, it was just an idea.

look for fleets in game, and see if there is one that you could join that does ratting.

id say you could probably hitch hike into our runners, but we specifically blitz missions to raise standings. and unfortunately we can’t share sec status standings like corp/faction.

I’m currently looking at these new insurgencies because of the Sec status bonus for systems, can you use that with FW missions?

They are apart of the FW system if you are referring to angels/guristas. You need to have positive standings with them. Id have to double check on standings needed