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Hello, what is the best and perhaps fastest method to raise the sec status from -9.9 to 0 or higher now? Farm rating or something else? Thank you.


Fastest method is turning in tags to Concord, but may be expensive. “Best” is whatever combination from here suits you:



To add to what Kezrai said, if you want to go beyond 0.0, you will have to shoot rats, as far as I’m aware there is no method outside of PvE that will take you beyond 0.

The bigger the rat bounty the bigger the sec status gain, though even shooting valuable rats, like .1 system clone soldiers will only net you a small gain (a few hundredths) to your sec status.

If you did hunt for clone soldiers you would technically get the “double bonus” of getting the small bonus for killing them, and the tag that gets you the bigger gain (and save you the 20-30M each for .1 and .2 system tags), though it would still be a slower method than just buying them from the market since they only spawn in belts about 5% of the time.


Fastest is definitely to travel to nearest lowsec CONCORD station, buy tags there and give them to CONCORD.

It is better to buy the tags yourself at Jita or other tradehub or even farm them yourself, but that won’t be the fastest way.


If your plan is to become highsec safe, >-2 is sufficient, spending more towards 0 is waste of ISK.

For example from -9 to -2 to be safe in High Sec how much do i spend? And what specifically i have to buy and then sell stuff to who? Thanks.

Raise sec status…don’t do the crime! Or just pay the fine!


Haul to next Concord office, e.g. in Jan, put in hangar, don’t sell! Select the Concord symbol among the station service when docked, move the slider, and pay the tags and fee.


A way that I had done was extract SP from my -10 Jody and re-rolled into Jodi then injected the SP needed to fast track Jodi into -10 again. Some reason I ended up with more idk doing that as I didn’t need all skills trained. Ie pulled 8 injected 6.5 and still Jodi beat Any Ganker top Damage

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Though isn’t it against the rules to biomass negative sec status characters? Or you mean you just made a new alt but kept the old one as is without biomassing it?

Its been rumored that with the advent of alphas, they dont enforce the biomassing rule.

I had made a thread and had rollplayed it out. It was a biomass then new account for Jodi you can see the Jody Longbuck was recruited by a npc corp it is still my account 14 as Jodi is on acc #26

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