What's the deal with all the 5.0?

I have noticed of late a very large number of players (toons at least, could be alts) with exact 5.0 security statuses.

How can sooooooooo many toons have 5.0 statuses?

I now take that to be a warning/danger when I see a player with 5.0 but how are they getting and keeping it so perfect?

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They only do missions for their faction?
They only rat against their faction’s enemy?

I’m just spitfalling here, though. I don’t yet know the game enough to give good answers.
Maybe her majesty @Aiko_Danuja can shed some light on the subject.

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There is only two ways you can loose sec status
A) Ganking in high sec
B) Piracy in low sec.

Pvp in the forms of…

Null Sec Engagements of any kind
Wartarget engagements (including faction warfare).
Suspect Baiting

…Does not impact sec status.

Sec Status is gained by killing NPC Pirates, known as “rats”. The bigger the rat, the greater the gain. I.e. you do not only get bounty payments but also sec status gain.

So… if all a player does is PVE and maybe PVP in null sec (which is exactly the sov null playsytle) they skyrocket to 5.0 sec status

Same goes with high sec carebears that refuse to pvp in low sec for example.


Is 5.0 the max sec status you can achieve?

Yup. You can also turn in pirate dog tags at concord offices to get your sec status up. That is how hs gankers usualy stay afloat


Thanks. :+1:

You mean sell them at Concord stations, right?

You trade them in for sec status

Actually sec standing above 5.0 is possible ( or was at one time possible) using DED sites. I think it maxed out around 5.3 or so, but my memory isn’t what it used to be.

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The only thing that actually hurts sec-status is podkilling imo. If I make a low-sec kill or three, my sec status is back to 5.0 in no time running a few lvl4 missions.

We are honorabru space bushido warriors.

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Obligatory EVE Uni link: Security status - EVE University Wiki


Short answer yes, long answer no.

You can raise sec status over 5 but at that point it requires a very large tick to register. There have been some npc’s in some events that have had such a large sec status associated with them (but this is generally seen as a bug by CCP and quickly corrected once pointed out to them). Practically the only way currently in game that I know of to raise sec above 5 is to kill named npc officers in very deep null sec.

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I got mine up to 5.0 so I can get the maximum hull bonuses off the Pacifier and Enforcer…

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10 used to be achievable, but no agents in game now to run. I think it was DED agents. @DeMichael_Crimson can you confirm?

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Is it getting full?

Stress of closing my practice for retirement, caring for my bed confined mother, and treating both personal and family health issues combines with all of life’s other demands to ocassionally overload the mind ( and soul). The brain tends to prioritize certain information as more important and throws the rest into one big bin that is tough to rummage through. However, one needs to keep soldiering on.


btw even if you steal , kill some folks in low sec, your security status wont suffer that much if you don’t pod them
and you can buy some tags for like 100 million isk to max the SE in some concord stations if you want

In null sec I don’t lose any security status for any actions.

In null sec I gain security status whenever I kill pirate NPCs.

As a result, most of the time my security status is 5.0 because I spend almost all my time in null sec. The only time it isn’t 5.0 is when I have been doing stuff in low sec.

it became easier from what it once was. Back in the day you wouldn’t see the same ganker hanging outside of dock because they’d be grinding rep back in lowsec