Odd Sec Status question

My Googlefu is lacking as I could not find an answer. And I feel newish asking this but why is sec status in a range from 5 to -10?

Standings are 10 to -10. System security if from 1.0 to 0 (ok negative true sec numbers that I don’t know but still it makes sense).

Did CCP ever explain why security status is from 5 to -10 and not 10 to -10? Just curious.

I think it actually is 10 to -10. But you can’t get over 5 doing regular missions. There is a way to get over 5, but I can’t remember if it was COSMOS missions or what…

There were two special once per character only CONCORD missions that would raise your sec over 5. I believe they both have been de-activated.

@DeMichael_Crimson might know more.

I think you can still get over 5 by killing Officer npc’s in null. But they are rare so thats hard to do even if you are in the right alliance / location.

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I saw some ppl with sec status above 5.0
As far as i know you get sec status above 5 only with FW and other special activities but indeed like Ima said^^ sec status range is from -10 to 10.

Ah, thank you all!

In 2003, Concord was a regular NPC corp and had its own agents and standings, and Concord standings = Sec Status for each character. Making it a lot easier to patch up your sec status after a suicide-ganking extravaganza, by just doing a few missions for a Concord agent. Standings could go from -10 to +10, and so could Sec Status.

They fixed that in Dec. 2003, removing all Concord agents, cutting everyone’s Sec Status in half, and separating Sec Status from standings. Max has been +5 ever since (with some exceptions apparently).

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Basically the first suicide ganking nerf? lol

Sec status 5.87 checking in :sunglasses:

Edit: highest I’ve ever heard or read about was some Russkie who had around 9.0 :astonished:

I was about to say “Sec status 5.67 checking in”… but I see mine increased to 5.86 in October.

This is a bit strange.

As others have said, since 2003 raising your sec status above 5.0 has been difficult. The two one-use agents are both still on the database in the systems they’re supposed to be in (Autaris and Mandoo), but they appear to be working for Interbus rather than Concord. My hazy recollection is that the Autaris guy boosted sec status by only a small percentage, so the trick was to get to 5.0, then run the first agent’s mission, then find the Mandoo guy and get the more substantial percentage boost. Obviously I can’t check whether they still boost sec status because I’ve used them once already.

And then there’s officer rats.

But that leaves me with a puzzle, because I used those two agents a long time ago and I’ve never seen an officer rat in 14 years. So if mine jumped up (only 0.012%, but that’s more than nothing) there must be another way to boost sec status. The only thing I can thing of is storyline agents - the ones you get every 16 regular missions. Crazy if that has gone unnoticed until now.

I’ll attempt to test it. I may be gone some time…

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Well, according to Eveboard my Sec Status is actually +5.76 and the last time I checked it ingame it was +5.8, probably due to CCP rounding numbers up or down.

After CCP removed Concord Agents, there were 2 special Concord Agents available who offered a 1 time only mission to raise Sec Status above +5.00 standing. One of those Agents was bugged allowing players to repeat that mission so CCP deactivated that agents mission offer. Then after a while CCP deactivated the other agent and according to CCP, Security Status is not suppose to go above +5.00 standing.

The reason is it doesn’t have any influence upon the game.

It does, in one way.
If you see someone with a sec status of more than 5, you will know that he is not a ganker, or has done anything else that would lower the sec status.

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Yeah that’s true.

My Security Status was +5.85 after I completed the 2 special Concord Agents and sometime after the Odyssey Expansion of June 2013 split up Concord Standing and Security Status, I noticed my status had been lowered to +5.76 to which I filed a Support Ticket in early 2014 which wasn’t resolved so I refiled it again in 2016.

According to CCP - Having a security status higher than 5.00 is not intended, it is no longer achievable using in game mechanic and it doesn’t serve any purpose in game… Also their logs now only go back to 2014 and if they can’t verify it was due to a bug with their logs, they won’t change it.

After requesting the Ticket be escalated to a Senior GM and pressing the point that restoring my Security Status back to +5.85 would have no bearing on the game other than being used as roleplay bragging rights, they somehow came up with an explanation for why my status was lowered.

According to them, in Oct 2013 while running an expedition escalation site in Low Sec space, I destroyed a wreck belonging to a fleet mate which caused my status to drop. Very convenient explanation since they earlier said their logs only went back to 2014. I actually don’t remember that happening but since I can’t confirm or deny that allegation, I accepted that reason for the -0.09 drop in my Security Status.

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