Wtd info on concord agents to get above +5 sec

hey guys its been about 4 years since I really sat down and played… just wondering. can anyone tell me the concord agents that I need to use to increase my sec status above +5?


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Pretty sure they removed the ability to get above 5.0 sec status a few years back…

The agents used to be Christer Fuglesang and Jeremy Tacs


Both agents are still available but they now work for… Interbus, I think? Anyway - they no longer work for Concord so you can’t use them to raise your sec status above 5.0.


As far as I know, you cannot access those agents anymore for this purpose, so there is no regular way to bump your sec status above 5.0.

However, there are occasionally events that can do this. Not sure if it was a bug, but after running the Guristas event a couple months back, they gave me something like a 0.01 bump for each site and I wound up at 5.11 after the thing ended. I don’t believe this was the case for the last event, not sure if this will happen again.


Concord Agent Jeremy Tacs and Christer Fuglesang were level 2 Agents.

Jeremy Tacs mission had a bug that players learned how to exploit and run it multiple times. CCP removed that mission around middle of 2012 and in early 2013 Concord Agent Christer Fuglesang was promoted to level 3 with increased rewards to balance out the removal of the other Agents mission.

Sometime around 6 months later those Agents were removed from Concord and all options to raise Security Status above +5.00 was removed from the game when CCP split up Concord Standing and Security Status…


thanks bud… was looking forward to gaining something around 6.x+ sec status for poops and giggles

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