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Is there an optimal way to gain sec status? I’ve been doing level 3 missions for over an hoour and my sec status has gone up only 0.03. From what I understand sec status is taken for the highest value rat killed (if doing missions or belt ratting) and updates every 5 minutes, is that the case?

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I got mine up really fast with a stealth bomber in nullsec, by just killing bs spawns

Tags, if you want to correct a negative status. Sec status above -2 is pointless unless you want to utilize the bonus of the Concord ships.

Regarding rats, I think it’s highest ranked rat in system per 15min. But I’m getting sec status all the time when doing missions and event sites. Incursions are also good.

The gains depends on your current status, if you are already say +4 the next increase would be very small.

My advice is to hard pve and pay concord with tags as it’s the most time efficient way. Grinding sec manually surely will give you isk but in the end it’s all about isk/hr and the money you gain doing one battleship per system really isn’t worth the days it will take to recover a poor status because you could’ve been focusing on isk which can buy anything.

Of course you could fit a bomber and make a bot system really mad (though they won’t admit) and farm battleships like the other guy said. It’s some kinda content. If you wanna do it manually you kill one battleship then switch systems kill another switch systems etc because the sec (and bounty) timers are individually timed by system. For example you can kill a battleship in system A, jump to system B and kill one and you will get bounty at 15 minutes after the first kill in both systems rather than them stacking.

You don’t gain much Sec Status from running missions. Mission rats are not the same as Belt rats. Missions net you Standings with the Corp and Faction you were running, not Concord.

You’ll make more progress just bouncing from Belt to Belt looking for random spawns to kill.

And you’ll make even more progress if you score yourself one of those new Concord ships (Pacifier, Enforcer, or Marshal if you have that kind of money).

Just sec status ? Kill rats in LS or NS, especially belt rats, clone soldiers and get some nice expensive tags of off them while at it. But thats just sec status, not faction standing. Now if you go for faction standings, then yea, do missions but your sec status will go up very very slowly.

pretty much, you mainly want the highest bounty NPC rats you can find. I used to use an ishtar with undersized drones and go afk during BS heavy missions to raise my sec up. These days you are probably pretty well off using a gila. Something like recon 1/3 is great as it has a lot of high bounty BS. And of course most lv4s will give more BS rats so they should be a better way to grind compared to lv3s.

the 15 min thing is an old mechanic that no longer applies

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Train up the skill - Fast Talk - Skill at interacting with Concord. 5% Bonus to effective security rating increase.

After gaining a certain level in security status, the game mechanic is set up so players can’t continue gaining security status increase by killing low level NPC’s. To continue gaining security status increase, players have to destroy higher level NPC’s.

Also the highest level of Security that a character can currently gain is +5.00 status.

Thanks for all the replies people, It would seem that missions are not the way to go, I like the idea of moving to different systems and hitting a BS for example in each system, I think I’ll give that one a go and take it from there… thanks again.

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