The mechanics of increasing your sec status

Old player returning to the game here!

Been looking into the best/fastest way to get my sec status to 3.0. Used tags to go from -7 to 0 and want 3.0 to look carebearish to bait fights in low and null.

I’m in Null sec and thought that system hopping popping BS rats in belts was the way to go. But it looks like I’m still getting sec status increases on ticks? And not cumulative between the systems? Am I just wrong and misunderstanding or has sec status gains changed? Please someone help me figure out how I can grind up to 3.0 without having to grind for an entire month

Sec status gain was indeed changed to a global tick per 15 minutes. The highest bounty counts. Concord special edition ships get a 10% for sec status gain.

So don’t bother system hopping and just rat the best bounty I can find? How boring, so high sec lvl 4s are just as efficient as null sec belt/anon ratting?



Unfortunately the only way to gain positive security status is to kill Pirate Faction NPC’s. Make sure you have Fast Talk skill trained up, that gives a 5% bonus to the security status increase.

I’m not sure about the timer being 15 minutes. @gfldex Do you have a link for that info because I can’t find anything on it.

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