Why doesn't CRAB beacon npcs give security status gain?

I’m launching a CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacon that spawn deadly npcs with bounties. Why no ss gains?

I think they should give ss gains and I think the rare capitals that spawn there should give even more gains.

There should be NO security status gains for ANY npcs in nullsec, including normal rats.


You have everything else handed to you on a silver platter already. Get over it.


What you said makes no sense, and I didn’t say I was in null-sec.

Plenty of CRAB beacon beacons are done even without security status gains, I think that’s a sign it’s fine and doesn’t need buffs.

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That’s not how it works.
The ss gain depends on the highest bounty you got in the tick, not the individuals.

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Whatever, however they want to do it. Right now, they give zero security status gain when killing npcs from a beacon.

When farming combat sites, SS is gained every 5 minutes.

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Incursions is the fastest way to get to 5.0 sec actually.

Save time and tags and also earn concord LP + ISK. for HQ sites.

EDIT: Didn’t know other NPCs give SS status in null. :sweat_smile:

But seriously you can get really fast standings with incursions tho.


it’s weird, the infesting X entities all have a bounty of several M.

It’s because they are npcs meant for capital farming. Only capitals can link to the beacon.

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Train Fast Talk itll help you get sec status faster.

Also if you move from system to system each system you kill a rat in will reset every 5 mins. So if you have 3 or 4 systems close by you can jump between them and kill a single BS level rat in each quite quickly and rinse repeat for standings.

As another has said Incursions give the biggest standings increases.

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I agree with this tbh. If you want security status fixed you should have to grind in LowSec, or bribe Concord.

I appreciate the suggestions about improving security status, but this isn’t the topic. If Sansha incursions give ss gain, why not the infested npcs from crab beacons? They have extremely high bounties paid by concord, but give no security status gain.