Sakenta (1.0, O1 Bright Blue) 2 Jumps From Jita May Enter Liminality Today!

Come take part in this potentially HISTORIC moment. Sakenta (1.0, 01 Bright Blue) may soon fall to lowsec/nullsec! This would provide a no bubbles/bombes/bushes/cynos/CONCORD/Security 2 jumps from Jita!

I dub this system “Content Pit”

Warning! Once First Liminality is achieved the system will instantly become lowsec, allowing players to freely attack one another without CONCORD.


Dead end system, no agents, no nothing. Will anybody even notice if it flips?

No one gives a single ■■■■ about this dead-end system. After it becomes Final Liminality, no one will travel there, maybe just suicides.

But yes, pro-doritos could at least boast for some time that they now have THREE trig system. What did Borat said? Ah, right… “Very nice. Great success”.

Niarja. That’s a system that would really stir things up if it flipped.


Don’t type O1 stars not escalate to liminalities? Don’t remember the Hoboleaks stuff but I thought for blue stars it only included type A0 and B0 stars.

The Trigs are closing down dead end systems that no one hardly uses. Everyone should have seen an invasion taking place starting with them where the Triglavians then branch out into the shipping lane systems to conquer those as well.

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:red_circle: Since it is now low sec, CCP must move all State War recruits to Sakenta from Kisogo. Every new character that joins EVE in SWA needs to start their life as capsuleer in Sakenta.

Okay, so I was wrong, looks like Sakenta can be turned.

The most important take away from this is that… Jita also has a type O1 star, like Sakenta.

Sakenta is not rookie system.

:red_circle: Who cares? Then CCP will turn it into a rookie system. Don’t be so stuck up on old ways, eh?

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@Ashterothi what is the current theory on which systems can be flipped and why/how?

Two Jumps from Jita, that means who ever owns that system is basically king of Jita, with the ability to jump Frieghter into High-Sec basically.

Why do people only consider it being a “dead-end” system as the only thing to take into consideration? Losing Sakenta is one of the worst outcomes for the game in my humble opinion. Logitstics has more meaning than a type of ship that heals other ships. The actual definition of Logistics: “the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies.” If people do not see how allowing jump freighters to pop into high sec is a terrible decision. The Time Dilation in and around Jita in the wars to come will cause havoc to the current Eco system that is EVE today. Sure, that means things will shake up, but if anyone other than Goons actually ends up with being able to claim Sakenta, I will be shocked, and surprised.

Anyway, just my .0002 ISK worth. We had hundreds of people fighting for EDENCOM but it didn’t make a difference. The spawns weren’t showing up fast enough. What ever, the risk / reward for this event has been sub-optimal so far.

Anyone else recognize how “Burn Jita” didn’t happen this year? Yet, some how even with all the forces New Eden deployed to Sakenta, capsuleer and EDENCOM alike, it still fell like a wet paper bag?

I just have a weird feeling a T2 Miner BPO just got handed out again.


Except you can’t jump into trig invaded systems anyway.
And there were more capsuleers fighting on trig side, than edencom

I think it would be naive to believe that’s going to remain that way.

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We have no indications of what is to come, so these are baseless speculations at the moment.
The likelyhood of systems staying null is the same as switching to trig highsec

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Would be especially fun if TRIGCORD will only protect those, who was loyal to trigs during the war :joy:



That was very strange indeed. Edencom removed EC much faster than Trig shits removed the Edencom sites, yet the bar constantly ticked down. Even the roaming spawns were hunted relentlessly but it did not help at all to stop the bar from falling.