Triglavian Invasion, Forward Recon of Sakenta

If anyone has been keeping up on the news of the Triglavians.

The Trigs have invaded Sakenta which is about 2 jumps over from Jita. A tad bit too close for comfort.

It is in final luminality.

However, I have not seen alot of recon on what goes on in most of these sites. It appears once final luminality is reached the site becomes a dead system as in only the brave or foolhardy or not careful will enter such a system.

I did a deliberate recon of Sakenta to figure out what resources and materials were within. It appears that the Sakenta is considered 1.0 space but the mechanics read it as a 0.2 space for Concord which may tweak some rules of what weapons and ships can be deployed to Sakenta vs. typical high sec space rules.

Trig fleets are constantly jumping between the single jump gate, and the mining locations and various planets.

Trigs are not just gate camping with turrets on the jump gate. They have turrets on the mining locations as well and on the stations inside that system. There is an open station and a player station inside that system.

Now my first recon roll out was first across the system with a Minmatar Shuttle. Actually very easy. Then I tried to salvage some wrecks of players in a frigate, doable but constantly watching the shield meter. But, do not try to dock jump those Trig Turrets around a station will pop you if you get unlucky and just outside the docking perimeter. No matter capsule or ship. Just saying.

The mining locations appear to have basic original 1.0 minerals. Excluding the Massive Trig Fleets that like to camp on them and usually three Trig Turrets installed. Not really of interest and worth.

However, there are Trig Gates in system. And a Stellar Fleet Conduit. The Trig Gates are fully accessible to all player ships. And dump you most unceremoniously at the stellar harvester(s?) into a massive fleet ball.

What I did notice, is the Trig fleets are a bit OCD about visitors. So if you jump to a nearby planet/moon or other location near a Trig Gate, the fleets tend to mass jump to intercept you. Which I think could be used in a further concept later noted.

Also the number of Gurista sites is massively out of proportion to the system number. It also appears that certain anomalies also spawn there as well.

So theoretically, due to Concord rating of Sakenta being 0.2. We should be able to use “banned” weapons and tech. Possibly an interdictor cruiser can be used in Sakenta?

The reason I am pointing this out is this. Can we destroy a Solar Harvester?

But the fleet action to do so will be massive. But with the Concord rating adjusted we technically can use weapons not normally used in high sec.

What I propose is a 3 wave attack.

1st wave is shuttle and interceptor pilots. They enter the system rapidly jumping to nearby mining locations and planets and Trig Gates. Which will first draw most Trig fleets away from their original positions at start. Because they will jump to intercept these interlopers.

2nd wave will be Destroyers/Cruisers and Light Battleships. Possibly Interdictor Cruisers so we can lock down the Trig Fleet at its new locations.

3rd wave mostly battleship level ships or covert ops. The Stellar Fleet Conduit needs to be engaged by one group, while another group smashes through the Trig gates to get at the stellar harvester and its guardians.

This might be a worthwhile test since a very large portion of the playerbase is nearby in Jita, and this engagement might also allow us to gauge future ways to operate and function in Triglavian Final Luminality zones. Especially with the situation being so horribly bad in Caldari Space.

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