[ARC] Invasion System Selection Hypothesis

Fellow citizens of New Eden

I have been monitoring the Triglavian Invasion systems with Haria Haritamado and Lilly Terranova as well as a number of volunteer pilots. In the course of which I began to notice a similar pattern cropping up in the invaded systems, to the extent that it is worthy of commenting to a wider audience.

The work of our Consortium on the well established Triglavian Primer series showed that the view bright yellow and blue stars as ideal candidates for their purposes, and this has been born out by the current state of invasions. Two of each type have been progressed to Final Liminality by the Triglav and their associates. Fortunately at least nineteen systems have established Fortress structures and should be relatively safe for the time being. There have, however, been some interesting results. A number of systems have simply dropped out of the invasion altogether, others have got to the point where it appears a victory was achieved by one side or another although neither Final Liminality nor the Fortress was established. Still a very traumatic time for the residents of these systems but nowhere near as bad as conditions in the Final Liminality systems may become. I believe various groups may well be moving towards humanitarian aid efforts where it is humanly possible, although no communication has yet been received from the Triglav themselves. To date they do not appear to even communicate their intentions to their allies.

There does appear to be a particular pattern in those systems that have been invaded so far: the Solar type, and its characteristics is, as shown in the Triglavian Primer, to be of definite importance. This can be linked to the system as a whole and the number, and type of asteroid belts is of significant interest; for reasons that will become clear. Other factors include the presence of large corporate and governmental institutions in these systems. Quite obviously the major mining operations by state and other interests are vitally important to the interests of the Empires and likewise any military bases operated by the states and also by CONCORD,DED, SOE and other institutions will also merit a robust defence in addition to that afforded by EDENCOM and those resolute capsuleers working alongside it. The Edencom Defense Initiative is doing very well indeed but needs support if anyone is able.

Some of the systems may be strategic decisions taken by the Triglav, we see systems that could isolate areas of high security space as well as those that lie in quiet backwaters, but analysis of the data is still ongoing and all contributions are welcome. In the most seriously affected systems Triglavian ground forces are making determined efforts to capture mining and industrial facilities, which really does point to them perhaps lacking resources in the Abyss and thus the primary reason for their assault upon our cluster. Having verified that there was only a minor Jovian presence which did not constitute a great threat, I am certain a spur to their actions.

Much was made of the solar type and various theories pointed in the direction of Isogen-5 a very rare allotrope of Isogen formed under intense heat and pressure, and linked to the Seyllin Incident. Although this has not made much sense to myself. Triglavian technology is reliant, from what we have seen and the Triglavian ships we are able to build, on a foundation of Zero Point Condensate and Isogen-10, another allotropic form of the mineral.

The Porevitium Transmuter uses Zero Point Mass Entanglers, similar to the ones we ourselves use for increasing a ships mass in order to exceed the mass limit of a wormhole. There are researchers currently conducting intensive observations to determine how the process works, but I feel I can speculate on what we will find. The Transmuter is, in some unknown fashion, extracting Zero Point Energy, this may well be the blue beam coming out of a sun undergoing the transmutation. It therefore would be logical to assume that they are able to condense this into Condensate, as required by their construction teams. The same processes acting on the sun can be applied to isogen bearing asteroids in the system in order to produce the necessary Isogen-10 for their purposes. These asteroids in particular only appear in systems with a security rating of 0.7 and below, in varying quantities, but this makes the number of belts an important factor.

Sakenta was an odd situation and it would appear that in cases where the sun and system offer perfect conditions for the harvesting of Zero Point Energy the isogen is a secondary factor and may be overridden by concerted capsuleer efforts on their behalf. Research is ongoing and a more comprehensive report will follow but these initial observations were deemed important enough to share. Any assistance is always welcomed by ARC.

Regards Annisir Kaugan. IKAME, Arataka Research Consortium.


Arraron Obe Kulelen all didn’t go into first limit despite being blue and yellow stars so the info on stars is still unknown.

I can see this is going to need some more explanation.

Obe is home to the Joint Harvesting Plantation, Caldari Provisions and has DED Testing facilities in system. While there is isogen present in the system there are only 3 belts and it has been the focus of extensive mining operations.

Arraron is an Astral Mining Inc system so the same is true of that, 7 belts is a fairly median number.

Kulelen has no isogen present and is the focus of a number of major corporations that, besides having their own resources to apply to the defense of their holdings, are also suppliers of crucial technology to both capsuleers and state owned interests across the cluster. Specifically both Zainou and Genolution Biotech corporations, Lai Dai, Perkone and the School of Applied Knowledge. These are not small time operations and have connections to major security operations as well as the ability to secure mercenary units.

The solar, and system characteristics are not the only factors in these conflicts but may be considered contributory to a greater or lesser degree. The actual location of the system within the cluster and its proximity to other invaded systems also plays a part. A number of targeted systems have been dead end ones, it would be advantageous strategically for the Triglavians to secure such a system and spread out from it as well only having to defend one gate into it. Other targeted systems are on highly trafficked routes or on vulnerable corridors between high security zones, such that securing one of these can create islands. We are already seeing attempts to secure adjacent systems and expect more in the future. The Triglavians are highly sophisticated and also cautious in their approach, not beyond attacking in one place as a feint while concealing their true targets.

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Could you elaborate please? How is this happening?

As an example, Sasiekko is adjacent to Raravoss and was fiercely contested.

Interestingly Netsalakka is right on the same route as well.

Having had more opportunities to analyse the data I believe I can make some more educated guesses about the current state of the Invasions and how the war is progressing.

At first, and during the earlier phases of the Invasion, the Triglavians have had to bring everything in from the Abyss. We have seen this in operation with varying levels of conduits and their Xordazh ships. Now it is different, there are four systems in Final Liminality, in these we see their mining stations operating in most of the belts and industrials carrying ore to the Transmuter. Reportedly their ground forces are attempting to seize control of planetary mining and industrial operations, in order to supply their forces from resources in New Eden, which is good military logistics. This is one reason that systems containing isogen bearing minerals are important.

This may have an effect on their operations. Do they choose to consolidate one position in a given region and then switch operations to establish beachheads in other regions, or is it the case that they will attempt to further their control of that region. As has been discussed the Caldari forces seem to be at a disadvantage in combat and the Amarrians at an advantage. This is due to the various weapon systems and doctrines employed by their respective navies as well as the local capsuleer resistance forces. Any opposition in systems has a detrimental effect on their ability to take control. It appears that not only Edencom, but CONCORD, other institutions and the major mining and megacorp interests are helping to stem the tide. Keep it up and support the Edencom Defense Initiative if you can. Ships and supplies are welcome, as are pilots.

The Triglavians seem happy enough to prove themselves against Edencom and then leave a system alone claiming a minor victory. From the look of it this happens more often if a system falls outside their ideals and if they suspect local resistance forces would take too long to suppress. Ground vehicles and drones have been seen in different systems, this may depend on which Clade is operating in a given area. The hardest fought battles are going to be over those which most closely match their requirements, pro-Triglavian capsuleers may seek to press the battle for a system but the final outcome is controlled by the Triglav high command. As far as I can tell there has been no attempt by the Triglav to contact their erstwhile allies.

Annisir Kaugan, Arataka Research Consortium.


It is not because you are in a relationship with them that they are in a relationship with you. :wink:


The miller never feels a need to inform the corn of his plans, although they are intimately involved in them.

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