Final invasion system, which one? 🤔

I think… :thinking:

JITA :moneybag:

Because it matters the most and its grand finale.

What are your types and why?


Yulai, the capital of Concord and, therefore, EDENCOM would also make a compelling site to wrap up the invasion.


Well if it is Jita, then that would certainly help reduce the amount of players staying in that system.


It might even make the news.


Yeah, CCP’s bottom line is free advertisement.


It would definitely affect their log in numbers too. That is a level of stupid CCP could definitely achieve though.






This will bring a whole new meaning to burn Jita :fire:


Trigs gank better than gankers. Gate camp better than campers. Perhaps they will burn jita better than BURN JITA.

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If F1 monkeys had better AI, they, too, could become Triglavians.


Just throwing my guesses here. Invasions will end on 27th of September DT because of the whole stupid “3 is sacred” number so 3 x 3 = 9 and 3 x 9 = 27th along with Triglavs needing 27 systems.

This is when liminality systems get sucked to to whatever void that forms a subspace region of Triglav, being somewhat smaller region than Molden Heath currently is.

Final liminality system will be Jita and it will be meant to be the “Bujan” or whatever the main system of Trig space is going to be called with 4-4 forming it’s “capital” and CCP will tilt it deliberately for Trigs, even if thousand people rally for it’s defense.

I hope I am wrong on the last part but probably not…

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Before the Forsaken Fortress patch I would have laughed at you and told you that CCP likes money too much to do something like that.


New Caldari
Amarr ( please no i still have ptsd from niarja )
Any Mimmatar system ( they are all rusy so anyone is good )

Guess where players will have to get their stuff then, if it gets destroyed, in their favourite game.
:arrow_forward: CCP

CCP may just think destruction will be very profitable, as they provide PLEX and everything.

You cannot buy anything directly with PLEX, except your sub, ship skins and some other junk.

For making more isk and stuff people will have to use sub time more. The stuff that have been destroyed will have to be replaced.

PLEX will always be in demand when people lose the stuff and dont want to spent time making ISK. Perimeter will be really the place to go also. Probably not a revolution, but rather evolution of the trade.

I doubt that very much. And if CCP actually does do that then they’re just nailing down the coffin lid on this game.

I knew of this after that day I lost my Orca.

Jita makes the most sense, because the entire point of the Trigs is to disrupt hisec. It really isn’t that disrupted yet. Yes the Amarr-Jita route has been disrupted, but that’s only one link. Taking Jita out of the game, and having the Trigs destroy all the assets there in the process of it, would be the kind of “hisec reset” that CCP is looking for here with the Trigs. While I do not exactly “expect” this to happen, I certainly would not be surprised for it to happen, because otherwise the Trigs really have had only a rather minor impact, and one which won’t dramatically impact hisec much. If CCP intends to seriously reset hisec, more needs to be done, and the Trigs are the “hand of God” in the game, obviously – they’re primarily a tool for the developers to reshape the game without doing so through simple patching – it’s like a long patch disguised in the form of content.

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