Final invasion system, which one? 🤔

CCP will kick everyone in High sec out so that they will remove all high sec systems. After that the invasion will stop

Not as significant as Jita or Yulai, but Villore falling would have serious ramifications for the Gallente, as its capital.

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I hope it is Perimiter, not Jita. The loss of the Trading Tower would be interesting for the Null wars, and it is like the second most traveled system in the game (not actually sure so don’t quote me on that). It would cause lots of nice fun havoc. Maybe following the same path as Niarja they’ll do Uedama.

This is also a good argument for why the final invasion might be in any system except Jita.

There appear to be 3 uncertainties/ unknowns here:

  1. expectation (assumption?) that CCP wants this stage completed by end Q3 ie in 8 days; would they instead extend it, to allow say a Halloween event?

  2. developing lore says Trigs need 27 liminal systems but currently only have 25; would the invasion automatically stop at 27 or would they then allow an invasion of Jita, after progression to next stage is assured?

  3. related point is whether CCP wants/ needs this invasion to progress; would they really shelf their plans if the players were to “speak” by preventing 27 systems going liminal?

In light of #3, is it that certain that Jita would burn if it was invaded? Would it be a risk to leave it as the final option if CCP is definitely committed to this story line progressing?

Which comes back to #1; is there actually time for a “final event” this quarter anyway. Other than perhaps launching an invasion of Jita (or wherever) this Friday, for a final weekend without notice??

I doubt itll be anywhere spectacular, if at all now that the evacuation list is out.

Maybe Im wrong and they want a nice capital for Triglav Prime in the space-pocket their newb systems will go to. Though that would be Nairiaiaijaiai.

But I just cant see this ending well for anyone.

It would be exceptionally relevent if chapter 3 ended on 9/27, with the Triglavians having achieved 27 liminal systems.

All the Trig mini-factions need the same amount of space.

Cromulent extra-spacial temporal encleptitude
embiggens each Clade thusly
Kybernaut coin-pursing must expand exponentially
May Trigford-upon-Haven expand to enclipsulate local ancient spacenode “Jee-ter”
All Hail Zoyra

-Old/New Non-Temporally Limited Trigvlavian Proverb


Rough translation.

Send me your isk and I shall double it.

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They have one week to get the final one then.

More paranoid have already evacced all the stuff from Jita.

Although I would like to see Jita or Perimeter, I don’t believe the servers could handle the overload of pilots. On the other hand CCP is capable of doing some pretty dumb stuff.

I will pick a system like Osmon, if it hasn’t been attacked already. Good mission running (Sister’s) and 2 ice belts, if I remember correctly.

They might pick Jita, then goose the numbers so that Edencom wins - this would make the highsec warriors feel good about themselves.

They could keep that burning over a weekend I imagine.

Which final system is most likely to get CCP some free press??

If we’re going for systems with sisters agents Simela is a good bet

My sister is in Ronne, if that helps?

That’s a sisterly agent of destruction and chaos :stuck_out_tongue:

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My bet is on Yulai (Concord headquarter) or Jita (because of Jita).

Especially Jita would be interresting. Even if it doesn’t falls into triglavian hands, a siege of that system for some weeks would shake up the economy drastically. And the chaos and panic on Jita undock would be glorious when the first World Ark materializes in the system :smiley:

Let’s wait and see, interresting times are ahead in New Eden.

That would be a very big risk for CCP. Jita going down gives TTT the trading edge in the Forge. If I were part of the TTT “alliance”, I would be moving every pilot from TEST, Goons and whoever else benefits from TTT trading fees to flip Jita. Even if CCP goosed the numbers, I don’t think the system would withstand that type of combined effort to make Jita Trig space.

Personally, I don’t like this Trig invasion content, but a Jita invasion would be interesting and something worth watching for sure.


I would love to see Jita go up in flames. Although, as someone already mentioned, it would just shift the market concentration to Perimeter. Get rid of the whole constellation IMHO.

CCP can control the Jita invasion. How would anybody ever audit the system as it is now? There is no reason to think the invasion would be left up to chance.