Petition for Trig Invasion of JITA

Ok - im calling on all capsuleers to formally request CCP to consider a Trig invasion of JITA and the reduction of security to 0.2 to all for Dreads and other capital vessels to either 1) defend JITA or 2) blow the place to pieces…

  1. JITA has a blue star and as such conforms to the current storyline
  2. JITA has a high trade value and I think the move to other trade hubs and the destruction of JITA would impact the whole stability of concord resulting in mass sec level drops across the board

Anything I missed? Please feel free to enhance, amend etc.


I came, I saw, I got podded


Yeah I agree, Perimeter needs more business.


I would like it, but a lot of people might not.

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Perimeter would be a better choice, initially :japanese_ogre:

Oh, and make them aggro on citadels :boom: :fire:


Burn JITA!!!..again.


Hell lets do it, would be interesting at the very least and provide a good bit of content. but lets go full 0.0, get full capital fleets into Jita and make it a day to remember


:red_circle: Yes, because we need even more Tidi lag fests followed by utter frustration. Because that makes EVE such a great experience and thing to remember.


I like that idea ! A complete crash

i mean all CCP would need to do is put Jita on as large of a server as they can and let the pieces fall as they will, would make for great publicity at the least.


:red_circle: And there we go. Clueless muppets talking. Jita is already on a separate server cluster. It is already on the best reinforced server we have. And even that does not help with tidi, lag and general amazing experience when hundreds of people and NPC attack each other.

As for the great marketing. Yes. See the video above. Great marketing never talks about how much of a crap show everything is that CCP releases and touts as amazing.


Yeah - there could be no warning whatsoever… But you could expect 3-8t isk loss based upon the last market analysis

That’s the entire point of marketing…

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the video is great - love the “reality” bits :wink: Especially when the guy says the “undock” button has gone missing…

Do both at the same time.


The fun part begins with Perimeter invasion though.
With new developments in null it will be a freaking bloodbath if it drops into first lim

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Dear Uninformed,

CCP has clearly stated that any change in Invasion highsec systems to low or null does not make them low or null… It simply means CONCORD will not act and you can be attacked by roaming NPCs. Capitals and cynos cannot be used in said systems.


The Informed

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So what? Even roaming fleets in recon stage will be enough to disrupt both Jita and Perimeter substantially. If you add security status drop in that equation, that leads to even more fun outcomes. And sec status drops at once when the first liminality is reached, meaning that a lot of people will be in space and likely to be wolfpacked the same second.
You don’t need capitals, to see the bloodbath in Perimeter for TTT

It has the wrong sun :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure why stop there? Two systems now is it? why not a 5 jump radius around Jita.

Turn on the ability to kill NPC stations too.

Gut the most densly populated area of New Eden out side of Null.

I can see quite a few sides having an issue with that.

Make Rens great again.