Dear CCP

If you’re going to have Trig fleets randomly appearing in high sec killing players, at least have the common decency to direct the Trigs to kill any Mobile Depots they find near stations / gates.

The Playerbase besides Moonpire.


Why should trigs deprive players the opportunity to artificially inflate their killboards, net the loot, and lower their sec status like bad boiz?

I actually agree.

Moonpie is space pollution.

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Today is a great example of a wasted opportunity. Trig wormhole opened in Perimeter, could have cleaned up every mobile depot in system, instead trigs are sitting around helping CODE.

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give Edencom notifications in the Agency as to where trig fleets have been sighted so that Edencom players can go there and kill them. In other words: Some game content for Edencom.

But who am I kidding here? CCP is clearly to dumb and narrow-minded to even think about something like that because Edencom was never supposed to be in their stupid trig shits plan. :slight_smile:


Perhaps a better solution would be to introduce an abandoned state for MDs? Players can bash abandoned MDs without going suspect. Less reservation for cleaning up space debris if going suspect is that big of a deal.

I think its more the pointless timer

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It would have other uses. Cleaning up space spam is more of a tertiary benefit :wink:

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Moonpie < Starcake.


Starcake < Galaxytart

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Acid before Christmas… CCPlease

Galaxytart < Cosmoscroissant

Cosmoscroissant < Super-Cluster-Soufflé

Super-Cluster-Soufflé < Universe-Parfait

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Universe-Parfait < This



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