Hypothesis About Invasions III (and suggestion if my hypothesis is right)

I don’t get it. High-sec is defined by Concord response. Other than CONCORD there is few numbers here and there but nothing significant between low-sec and high-sec.

Incorrect. It defines resources in the system, but it also limits important things like warp bubbles, interdiction spheres, cynos, and capital ships.

You can drop a carrier on someone in lowsec. You cannot do this in Raravoss. You can’t bubble a gate in Raravoss, but you can in nullsec. So yeah. There are huge and important differences when it comes to your safety and how you travel through the system.

Edit: it also means you can’t use these systems as convenient jump freighter landing points.

I think we can reasonably expect a permanent Triglavian presence in K space. The number of invasion systems they end up controlling will be determined partly by players. It’s possible that some systems, like Niarja are predetermined to fall but that remains to be seen.

What I find intriguing is that the Triglavians enter K Space using conduits, which means they have the technology to colonize Jove space if CCP wants them to and that leads to the possibility of gates connecting the systems they conquer in Empire space to Jove space which leads to all sorts of fascinating speculation.

We live in interesting times!

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Ah, ok. Yeah, i’m bit rusty when speaking about mechanics.

Trying to find benefits of changing the Raravoss…

  • unlike true high-sec CONCORD does not “protect”
  • unlike true low-sec PVE resources are worse and you cannot use “bigger toys”

Do you have any ideas what the system will be better for?

I think those that fought for the Triglavians in Ravaross see the lack of concord protection as reward enough.

The lack of CONCORD protection is only needed when you engage high-sec dwellers who needs this protection.

Those will not visit the system now.
What do i miss?

The lack of Concord protection could potentially influence both trade routes and market distribution, for a start. Imagine what happens if Niarja loses Concord protection. The link between Amarr and Jita is broken. Do you add more jumps to your freighter journey or do you frequent Amarr instead of Jita? Do you always sell your goods in Jita or do you have to consider Dodixie and Rens too because the player base is now distributed differently?

“High sec players will not go there” is reductive when the avoidance of a system is the intended and most consequential outcome.

I’m totally with you on that one. Breaking up high-sec paths to/from Jita will have huge effect on New Eden.

However i was asking about Ravavoss in particular. Not knowing this system i’m just curious about reasons for Triglavian supporters to flip it.

Cuz it flipped

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