Responsible capsuleers : Before quitting EVE, don't forget to properly dispose of your stuff

Don’t leave a bunch of loose isk and assets out there littering up space. Its untidy. Be an adult and clean up your mess before you ragequit as a result of this horrible, horrible, horrible local chat situation.

Transfer isk and contract assets to Syeed Ameer Ali for disposal. Transfer ownership of any assets-in-space to the corporation Dirtbag Space Warriors Coming for yor Loots. I guarantee that all of this will be disposed of in an ethical manner.

So yeah, good for you guys sticking it to CCP! Man, those guys are uncool, right? Grrr CCP. But do it the responsible way - give me your stuff first. That is all.


Whoa there my friend. All assets unclaimed in space must be disposed of, salvaged and reused properly, as per the Spacial Cleanup Initiative.

Send me your janitors and exotic dancers. I will see to it that Bob receives your offerings.


The Minmatar Litter Patrol will happily collect metal scraps and rolls of gaffer tape from anywhere in contiguous hisec.

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Gear hard to give cos its hard to get to?

McCandless Clan services will recover any waste, no matter the distance.


You cannot create a GLOBAL Can I Has Your Stuff Thread.

That is not how it works care bear. :wink:

You have to ask in each whine thread and you have to be first.


This is a unique situation which calls for a more proactive approach. Why, some of these handsome capsuleers may even be wisely deciding to ragequit without even whinging about it first.


Umm no, it is a well known fact that all rage quitters whine…


This isn’t a “can I have your stuff thread”.

This is a please consider the environment before you quit thread, complete with people offering to help those leaving to do the green thing with the stuff they’re leaving behind.

There is a difference, an infinitesimally small one.


I endorse this ethical and reputable service. A++, highly recommend.

I have thousands of missiles to dispose of, could we meet up in a low sec system so I may give them to you.


Do you hand out (tear) buckets?
Might be a generous perk…

Sorry, I’ve already willed my assets to the defense of High Sec against bots in the event I leave.

Hello, friends. If you’re like me, you read the above posts and thought “wow, people are so callous about those quitting Eve because they need a safe nullsec.” And do you know what? The critics are dead wrong. This gameplay change is a tragedy, and I empathize with you - nullsec should be safe, not dangerous. After all, we’ve paid our renter dues, right? That alone should guarantee that we can AFK rat in safety.

But nevertheless, dark days have come to Eve. Many of us have been driven to consider quitting the game. Necessarily, of course, one who quits the game must leave his in-game possessions behind. But just hold on one minute before you click that biomass button, fellow player. What if I told you that you could both quit the game in anger and donate to a good cause? Well let me tell you - you can.

Simply contract all of your assets to me and I will make sure that they make their way to a worthy cause. One that will work tirelessly to return null-sec to its rightful place. I am not like one of those flashy forum posters with a catchy slogan and a jauntily tipped hat, but I assure you that my heart is in the right place. And really, what do you have to lose? Don’t delay - send me your assets today. Thank you for your time, friends, and may your future adventures be in greener pastures, whether World of Warcraft, Farmville, or anything in between.

And to piggy back onto this Noragen’s premium isk and asset holding services available once only to the CnP community is temporarily being extended to rage quitters everywhere. Send me any and all isk or assets and I’ll hold onto them. Be sure to comment here if you wish to use my services as I actually have 0 intention of checking to see if anyone uses it

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If CCP took away asset safety in null we wouldn’t need these services :grin:

I endorse this product/service. Excellent quality, would use again.


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