The dissapointment of a Trivaglian Ichoriya

I’m sorry guys, I’ve just gotta vent a little…

So, I started Eve in 2009 and have experienced a lot of what Eve has to offer -all based out of Ichoriya. I’ve dipped in and out of the game as time has allowed and amassed a healthy fortune to facilitate my Eve passion of shooting at other spaceships and dying in glorious PvP combat. Between 2009 and 2020 I hesitate to think of how much money I’ve invested into the game on subscription alone. So, I feel like I’ve earned my hoard of digital assets, having invested both time and money in spades.

So, in a story that is remarkably common it seems, and I apologise for adding to the pile; when I logged in as of late, I find that Ichoriya, home of my Eve nest egg, belongs to someone else. The mysterious Trivaglians have come, torn up some gates and gated the others so that now I’m trapped in a single system, with all my hoard and nothing to do with it.

Of course, killing myself returns me to high sec where, instead of my planned PvP activities after a day at work, I’m faced with scraping together some ISK from somewhere while my billions worth of perfectly good and hard earned ships sit, beyond the edge of the world.

I could actually take the time to work out how to get into Ichoriya, and use the magic filaments to teleport my assets randomly over space or however it works, but goodness… emptying a station of a decades worth of ships and goods? My days of having Eve as a second job is over for me and I’d quite like it to actually be a game.

They have offered to teleport one ship from the station in Ichoriya to one of my choosing - Ok, so I can at least get my mission running flagship out now - I don’t really want to run missions, but hey, I’m cornered for ISK.

The thing is, the fact they will teleport one ship out, but not the lot is actually really frustrating to me. They haven’t stuck to their guns and gone, ‘no mate, you were away, you lost out, the Trivaglians own your home now, go fish’ - and I’m glad they haven’t as that’s a massive disrespect but at least it’d be consistent - they’ve instead consented to the fact that actually, they’ve messed up some players experience and are offering a petty consolation in the form of ‘We’ll break the rules and teleport your thing to make up for it, because we can, but only one thing’ - well what about the other plethora of things that made up the experience that has been shattered? Would it bend the Eve rules or economy too much to take all the things?

I understand that I’ve been penalised for being away and out of the loop, space waits for no man - but it feels more like I’ve been penalised for coming back to the game, and I’m pretty upset about it.

Anyhow, I hope you all have been having a better experience,

And if there is actually an easy way to shuttle ships to highsec from Ichoriya that in my hard-headedness I’ve missed, please let me know.



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The easiest way is simply to pay someone to haul it for you. PushX offers hauling for pochven, and Black Frog may do so too, though I can’t find info either way currently.

You only need to do one trip with filaments yourself with some of the more valuable items to pay off hauling costs on the rest.

It might be costly and/or take you several hours, but it’s hardly much cost or time investment relative to what you say you’ve put into Eve currently.

You’ve already identified filamenting in/out, and there’s also wormholes, often to highsec near where the system once was in New Eden. Make sure to kill a rogue drone to adjust your standings with the local NPCs, then just scan out a highsec connection in-system and haul it out yourself. DSTs can fit interdiction nullifiers now, so warping nullified from a station to a HS wormhole is almost perfectly safe.

A bowhead is out of the question though for your purposes, so best to repackage the ships and eat the cost of the rigs.

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Thank you for this reply mate, I’ve been so busy pulling my hair out I’ve round researching it to be quite tough.

I’ll take a look into haulage and the wormholes to see if it’s worth my mental anguish to extract it all!

Thanks again

I’m in a very similar position to you and decided to see what the market is like, starting at 5% below Jita but this space seems very empty and nothing is really moving.

I see that CCP keeps lowering the barriers to entry to this space and who knows maybe it will become populated in the future. In the meantime I skill up and learnwhat my indy alts have to now do as a lot of changes have taken place since 2014 when I last played and that’s where the ISK came from for my old PVP main.

Maybe there will be a fight to take it back, that would be neat.

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CCP doesnt equal logic.


The problem is the solution. Those assets are valuable where they are. Sell it. isk much more transportable once you figure out where you want to be.

Isnt it safe where it is? I mean, a lot of the population have no intention of going there.


Assets are of little value in Pochven, because Jita/Amarr haul in-out logistics is stupidly easy due to the wormhole super highway.

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That offer / option has been long standing in Eve, basically it was for returning players who found themselves in enemy controlled null sec space. A one time move to friendly space for the character and one ship filled with as much loot as it could carry. Obviously a Freighter would be the best choice for that.

Anyway, I think your best option is to do what @Katya_Itzimaru suggested. Good luck to you.

Yeah, the market seems pretty much dead right now.

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