What happened to Ichoriya

I just came back after about a half year out to find that Ichorya is -1.0 security level now. Kind of sucks, my main hangar is there. Is this a permanent change or should I just go a way for a while again and it’ll be hi-sec again?

you missed quite a bit, but if you been gone after only half a year, then you still should have known about the triglavians and what they were doing with different systems…

Thanks for the reply, I was aware of them but Ichoriya was hisec last I saw and no where near nullsec. Is this a permanent change or like an incursion system?

It’s part of Pochven now. I don’t know what CCP’s next plan but atm it’s permanent. Even an important system called Niarja was not saved.

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With the victory of evil triangles, some systems went from hisec to losec. and as Neo said, there is a triangle system called Pochven, Which CCP says wasn’t on their plan to make, but capsuleers failing to keep systems caused Pochven to happen, I still think it was planned out all along…

Back after 6 Years - My stuff now in Trig System! this has some good info for how to get into Pochven

I guess the devil is in the details. Personally I think the formation of Pochven was planned. I also believe the exact mix of systems that make up Pochven was dependent on how the invasion went.

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It seems that way. And also that there were a minimum number of systems required, meaning that there were a minimum number of systems which, no matter how much people fought for Edencom, would have lost regardless.


There are filaments getting you in and out of the system.
They’re really cheap.

You need to figure out which filament applies to your system …
… and then just chain-yeet until you get there.

It’s time consuming, but allows people to easily evacuate their assets.

Just for accuracy’s sake.

Some of us have been watching this content arc from the beginning and have yet to fully understand CCP’s next-level play on this.

If CCP didn’t have a track record for using the “fire and forget” method for implementing things, I’d say it was the foundation for a new faction to be introduced, including a starter region in Pochven where it would be come the main hub and region for PvP players that prefer the ganking playstyle who would then use wormholes to access the rest of k-space in order to wreak havoc on everyone else, thus allowing CCP to remove Concord from High-sec completely yet prevent all out unrestricted ganking through the limitations of the wormholes mass limits and life-cycle.

…but look at how grand Walking In Stations was supposed to be, and where it is now.

Walking In Stations was always going to fail.

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