Came back after 3 years, what happened to Urhinichi

I just noticed in the Character selection screen that one of my toons was in an -1.0 System and even after 3 years i was sure that i didn’t go there. Then i read the System name… Urhinichi… wasn’t this some kind of starter system or so?
I could remember that Triglavian ships were introduced, but i didn’t know that they are a faction now that occupies System.
Looking on the Starmap it is connected via straight lines with other -1.0 Systems but there are also dotted lines. Is this some kind of from the gate-system disconnected cluster? If i set a Route to one of those Systems, i go that exact predicted route. If i choose a normal System (Embod, Homestation) it tells me that it is just one jump.
What gives

I believe Urhinichi was one of the systems taken over by Triglavs and turned into the region known as pochven.

Trigs bro.

You can just buy a filament and jump out.

Hopefully you don’t have godzillions of stuff in there to get out. You might be able to sell some of it in there for a tidy profit. I call that area Pochenhell.

PushX will haul stuff out of there.

Nice task to find old data deliberately:
Pre Pochven System information: Region: The Citadel, Constellation: Suon, only one Stargate to Sirppala
This has been just 3 jumps from Kisogo (Newbro-System).

It never was a starter or newbro system.

As others said, stargates got destroyed as part of the Triglavian events and it now forms part of Povchen space. Leaving it can be as simple as using a filament. But sometimes even that might drop you into a low sec system instead of highsec.

I vividly rememder the time the systems fell, but still were connected. As you entered one of these systems, you were shot by a strong Triglavian fleet. The discussed problem here: Some systems were close to career agent systems, and some of their tasks lead into the fallen systems. Numerous Newbros went there in their Corvettes or starter frigs and got grilled and left baffled e.g. in Senda.

Found it, it was this thread:

Actually it was fun to try to slip through in a t1 frig :slight_smile:

You had to see Niarja…

Tlk about a bloodbath. People were loosing ships in droves due to pure ignorance even before it went -0.1


Yes, it still had the old high securty status (0.6) and the stargates open, so Autopilot didn’t bother.
That was a bold move by CCP, but funny if you like dark humor.

i am pretty sure that State War Academy station was located here, and after i did the Tutorial (in 2009) i had this Station for quite some time as my homestation because the skillbooks were there

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Station with the name State war academy is in many systems, 11 systems to be exact, does not mean it is a newbie system. Piekura a 0.5 trig system is not a newbie system.

There is a clear lists of what is considered a newbie/starter system. Fun fact, Arnon is considered one due to the Starter Epic Arcs

And if you haven’t got any expensive implants, just self-destruct.

so is Hek

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What kind of Filament and how do i use it?

They are called extraction filaments. You undock and activate it. I am not that experienced with them.

thanks, i did find them already on market you look for Devana - the one with a “1” is the right one, costs only 10k

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