Returning Account, Moving Ships

I played for a long time, but then I took a long break. Like, 5-6 years long.

Some of my ships that were previously safe in hi-sec, or in friendly controlled null-sec, are now inaccessible yo me. Actually a lot of my ships. Ichoriya has about a half dozen ships that I can’t even set a waypoint to.

Is there any method to have the gamemasters move my stuff to a neutral hi-sec station so that I can get back into things? Or am I pretty much SOL?

You can submit a ticket and ask, gms may or may not move stuff for you.

Ichorya is now part of a new region known as Pochven. Depending on what ships you’re talking about, you could be sitting on a goldmine. If you have a capital ship there, it’s worth a fortune as no caps can be brought into Pochven.

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Or you could get the standings to go there and retrieve your stuff, or hire someone to move them

I’d say: That’s a neat project!
Find out how to get there, fit ships for that environment, and learn something new.


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