A question about courier contracts

I don’t know if I’m in the right place, but here goes…

I know that if I want to move a ship w/rigs, it must be in a courier contract. I have 2 questions:

a. Does the ship being put in the courier contract lose it’s killmarks?
b. Does the m3 of the ships being moved decrease/increase or remain the same when packaged?

Thanks in advance.

  1. if you recpackage it you loose the rigs
  2. the volume of a repackaged ship is much much much less than an assembled ship

You can ship fitted ships using courier contracts. A battleship is roughly 500K m3 and will fit in a freighter.

As long as the ship isn’t repackaged it won’t lose it’s killmarks.

Also, if being moved fitted there cannot be anything loaded in weapons or other mods such as those that use scripts. If they are loaded, when the ship is placed in the hauler those items auto-unload into the hauling ship’s cargohold. You can have ammo, scripts, and nanopaste in your ship’s hold, but no other cargo, such as spare modules, rigs, etc.

I believe drones cannot be in the drone bay, and I have no idea about the frigate bay (for battleships).

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