We Have ore compression, but not ship dis-assembly?

Be nice, if we could have a dis-assembly module and service so that we can spend isk to dis-assemble a ship or structure to conserve cargo space besides re-packaging. Make is so that once we start dis-assemble a ship or structure we have no choice but to remain docked until the timer runs out. The timer would be based on the ship or structure and the timer increases duration on size. Maybe even have dis-assembly arrays for super caps. Then, once you’re ready to unlock the ship or structure, pay isk to re-assemble the ship or structure

Repackaged ships are disassembled ships? In fact, for most ships larger than a cruiser the repackaged size is much smaller than the minerals it takes to build the ship


If you want to disassemble your ship for easier transportation, remove the rigs and repackage it, like Nepsy said.

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