T3 assembling and deassembling in space (other ships too)

Hi devs,
I want to propose some Quality of Life improvements:

  • it would be nice to have opportunity to multifit T3 Strategic Cruisers,
    reasons to have it:
    now when I want to assemble more than one T3 cruiser its slow
    to fit it manually/using ‘fit to active ship’ button is needed to have skills to get in the ship

  • it would be nice to assemble T3 ships near SMA/SMB in cargoholds (like any other ships) - have no idea why is it not possible now, just clicking ‘assemble ship’ and then choose subsystem modules (the same view as normal T3 assembling) if there are subsystems in the same cargo
    reason to have it:
    why T3 ships are worse than any other ships (it should be better)
    (I know that there is possibility to build citadels, but POSes have different reasons to have, and are still much better under certain circumstances)

  • it would be nice to have mechanics of repackaging ships near the SMA/SMB
    reason to have it:
    when somebody lifes at the POS there can be much easier to repackage ships sometimes and then haul it


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I agree it would be awesome if the multifit tool worked for T3s. I’m not sure why it doesn’t, but it’s very slow and awkward for me to fit up ships for my group.

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