Fleet moble depot - for mod swaps only

would it be possible to have a fleet mobile depot will minimal cargo space ?

Option 1
possible cloak - time limited
access while cloaked? ship/bin or both
change fit
limited time in space
fleet commander only
scoop by deplorer

Option 2

access while cloaked? - ship only
exploration use only
change fit
assignable to fleet member
fleet scoop
fit service

option 3 - very basic

fleet access
fit service

or a blueprint so players can build

i do a lot of fleet exploration and some time we need to refit for low sec and null gate jumps once we complete the system,

thoughts please


make the mobile depot active to fleet by adding it to fleet join window

They have ships for this already

they do but if you are exploring in a 5 person fleet and all have asteros or probes how can u swap out in NULL or WH

or with 2 mates IN WH or NULL with T1 ships you have to find a dock or everyone deploys there depots

carry one mini depot for fleet use for those who cannot have ship access or take a massive ship into WH -or NULL

Or a T2 mod addon for a slot for one fleet member to carry

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