Corpse's a idea for CCP

Been thinking of a prolly neat maybe not so good idea for CCP or CSM’s to bring to table for a new feature, yes new feature argh but hey it involves corpse’s

Allow corpse’s you collect to be turned into BLOOD ISK Blood isk naturally cant be sold on market, or traded etc etc, but used in the Sole Purpose of Paying the Drifters to be a sort of 1 time Assasian for your DEVIOUS purposes

Cause let’s face it, Drifters love Corpse’s

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Alex, what is the Players Features and ideas section?


I think you’ll find most players are fond of their corpse collections, so much so that we want clothes for them.

For Chloe


Another one that skipped English 101.

I was excited for WiS, the best part was going to be inviting people into my “office” which was really just a room full of corpses, oh well

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I think having an option to ‘Operate and Dissect’ a Corpse in order to retrieve Implants would be cool to have. Of course the Corpse would be destroyed in the process and any Implants retrieved would have to be repaired.

Some use for corpses would be cool.

But you first need a way to prevent players corpse-farming their own/friends alts.

Implant recovery from corpses would adversely affect the implant market.

How about a Corpse-Launcher for next Halloween?

Fired corpses explode in a shower of gore similar to Festival Launcher.


Well, it could be RNG based.

Yeah, but even RNG flattens out as a flat %.
Your “implant repair cost” could make it so that only high-end implants are worth recovering, albeit that too would adversely impact the implant market.

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Maybe you could recover implant parts used to make a whole new set of implant designs?

Something that doesn’t exist on the market already - and maybe really niche.
How about a salvage drone speed bonus - or maybe a tick time decrease?
I’m just spitballin’ here.

–Speculating Gadget

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