(Lutian) #1

Why not allow implants from the dead bodies of our enemies to be harvested?

Once you scoop the body surely Bones can easily go in and remove the implants allowing you to keep a couple which may have survived the violent death it’s former owner just had.

(Nasar Vyron) #2

Hasn’t anyone ever told you sharing needles is bad?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #3

See, theres a reason they get destroyed when you pull them out, didn’t you think of that?

Also, I would surely not enjoy sharing needles like Nasar pointed out

(voetius) #4

Ignoring for a minute that this should be posted in Player Features and Ideas.

The short answer is that implants and hardwires are an important isk sink through the LP stores and this idea, which has come up many times in the past, would require some rebalancing of the economy by CCP.

Also, people have been collecting corpses for years in the hope that this will happen so you are a bit behind the curve here my friend. I’m sure CCP are aware of this and they would make sure there was no harvesting of old corpses.

(Lutian) #5

Obviously it would only apply to newly harvested corpses and not a role back.

Thanks for pointing me to the correct place to post things of this nature.

CCP wouldn’t have to rebalance anything, this is new tech introduced into the game which allows for something which has not been previously done to now be done. It is the same with all new features or ships, or whatever. Do it, and see what happens.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #6

People are already removing implants on their own when they know they are dying so even if this goes through it’s entirely pointless, because you get nothing like always.

I still don’t want to use the needle of others, that’s just disgusting man, you don’t know where the other person’s eyeball has been!

(Lutian) #7

Always ways to prevent the removal of implants while undocked.

Also, whats with the needles garbage? This is a game last I checked and it is considered a sandbox, so the needles comments are a little weird and childish.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #8

Yeah I get that, but as a Roleplayer I like to keep things close to real when possible. An Implant, something that has been inside the brain or eyebal of someone, is definitely not a pleasant thing to say.

So no it is not childish, I have no idea where you get that, because if anything kids are the ones that would very much enjoy taking stuff for free without even thinking about it. If anything the game is keeping a bit of realism by avoiding implants to be re-used, either because they get fried (Cause, you know, getting blown up by blasters larger than quite a few people together is not that pleasant) or just unused due to some neuro thing, again, Why do you think Implants Get Destroyed When You Remove Them? If you want this to happen then you would have ask CCP to disable this and pretty much eliminate a Isk sink to avoid Isk inflation.

This idea in general is wanting to contribute in money not being spent, and that is very bad because the game is one of the best ones out there to keep Isk inflation as low as possible.

(Lutian) #9

How is getting a random implant drop from a corpse any different than getting a random faction drop from a blown up ship?

Everything in Eve eventually blows up.

I mean seriously, someone gets a low-grade talon off of a corpse, either he will use it and eventually lose it, or he won’t. The fact that the original owner lost it and will attempt to replace it does not change.

Anyways, if you don’t want to lose your implants then don’t fly with them.

Also, doctors in the medical profession regularly suck the fat from female asses and inject somewhere else in their body for a fee, so if we are keeping it real, then removal and sterilization of an expensive implant would require a level of high technical degree which would have to come from a difficult to acquire location. So lets say in order to learn the Skill: “Body Harvesting” one would have to go into unknown space and do some unknown things to get the skillbook.

(JC Mieyli) #10

you can just go to a citadel and jump clone whenever you feel like it
what i wanna know is when are genolutions coming back because i cant even pvp in a set of genolutions because theyre so expensive now

(Memphis Baas) #11

Academically, doctors may transplant tissue, but they NEVER transplant implants (hernia meshes, metal rods inside bones, etc., they are never re-used).

Otherwise, as an idea, it’s fine, except you’re asking CCP to:

  1. Do extra work to make it possible for you to get implant from a loot drop table that sounds a lot more complicated than “implants never drop”.

  2. Remove one of the ISK / gear sinks in the game, which is really bad because every single Monthly Economic Report that they dev blog about shows an ever increasing supply of ISK, which leads to PLEX reaching trillions, which causes everyone to bitch and moan.

  3. Nobody loots corpses. We don’t even keep them in the overview. Corpses don’t exist. Well, until your idea gets implemented. You’re weird and gross.

(Lutian) #12

Surely you have read any amount history? There are stories of body snatchers all throughout history to do all kinds of things. Now I am sure that CCP has a goal of becoming the only MMORPG and the only way they can do that is to keep adding things to the game, however revulsion one may think the practice. Some claim that Eve is real, let’s see what limits it’s player base will embrace.

The harvesting of dead bodies could also be used to supply human tissue for military use in a FPS which could be tied to Eve, if they ever decide to give a FPS a go again. They could easily connect the economies of the two games. They could just make a really kick ass FPS and then simply make the market in the game ISK based, which links directly too Eve. So you harvest bodies, then someone takes them too a pirate manufacturer, who managed to smuggle the blueprints from the military, in order for them to manufacture “battle upgrades” for the FPS market. The way it works is that the people who play the FPS get ISK when they accomplish whatever it is they need to accomplish in the specific game they are playing. So 1,000 ISK for killing opponents or something. Because killing people in the Eve Universe is profitable and it allows the good people at home the ability to enjoy their favorite “Gladiator” come on TV and rack up the kill board.

It really doesn’t have to be too complicated and the players from the FPS don’t even have to be aware that they are fueling an economy. Just a thought.

(Cade Windstalker) #13

This has been suggested about a million times, give or take.

The problem with this is that it would basically crash the implant markets if intact implants dropped from corpses, or even vaguely usable ones. CCP would have to completely rebalance the LP stores (which are like 50% implants) for something like this to work and even then it’d be pretty questionable.

(Lutian) #14

It seems as though everyone seems to be really concerned with the market in this game. Do you thin CCP cares about the market? Their main goal is too attract new players. How do you attract new players? Shake things up. Old cronies will always complain about change, but life goes on. Only constant in life is change. Gets boring doing the same old ■■■■ all the time…doesn’t it?

(Vala Azar) #15

People actually do. Mostly for RP.

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #16

Time of death would have to be added to old and new clones as well as implants in at time of death.

Exponential sliding scale based on time after death. The longer you waited the less of a chance you can get anything out of the implants as the implants would have a limited amount of time to also live on as the body dies around it.
So old clones from 2003 would have a next to nothing chance and the scale itself would mean beyond a few days to a week the chances are super low as is.

Black market low sec station doctors that will rip apart the corpse for isk. Which would mean that only certain clones would even get the treatment if you knew what was in it and you would have to rush the fresh corpse to the black market doc to do the “pull”. So any low sec station with a clone bay you could hire a doctor to do it.

So say if you have a fresh day old High grade set clone you might get one of the HGs off it and pay whatever the going rate is for the doctor to “pull” the corpse. This would create a lower threshold and therefore keep most implant prices intact as it would just be a way to get a cheaper implant here and there rather than loads of fresh implants everywhere.

The other factor is corpse collections that are large. People would have to choose if theyd want to take a dice roll with an old corpse or even part with a corpse in their collection as you wouldnt get the corpse back it would be destroyed in the “pull”.

(Salvos Rhoska) #17

Would kill the implant market.

As to corpses, can’t really make them worth anything as would lead to “corpse-farming” your alts.

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #18

The way I showed it it wouldnt kill any markets or corpse farming alts. If they dont die with the implants in you cant get any out of them. It would be silly to think you could get an implant from a corpse that had none in the first place.

(Salvos Rhoska) #19



(Coralas) #20

Actually we aren’t, its just particularly obvious that this change is bad.

They are mostly a product of empire, and they are common cash in for relatively new players with LP, ie I can’t see the benefits in reducing their income, or reducing the demand to export those items from empire, let alone reducing their isk sink effect.

IMO the main goal is to not to attract new players, its to keep them, and having viable income sources in empire is part of that.