(Arcanith Lionheart) #21

We aren’t, but again you fail to realise how it works to come up with that question, how will “loot implants from corpses” shake things up? Will World of Warcraft “shake things up” by making player trinkets lootable too?

So far CCP is the company that has plenty of isk sinks and keeps inflation somewhat low, this, for the second time, would be one less thing to break such inflation.

You seem like the kind of player that “Gets bored doing the same old ‘stuff’ all the time” specially according to your other post about mining, here you go, have this again:

(Memphis Baas) #22

Yes, CCP cares about the market, at least as far as keeping it from becoming TOO inflated.

From past experience, “shaking things up” is an opportunity to advertise the game, and it does bring some newbies and bring back some of the veterans, but not a lot. So if the shakeup or a runaway economy cause a lot of people to quit the game in disgust, that’s a net loss of players.

Anyway, ultimately we’re arguing and may have to agree to disagree. You have your idea about corpses, personally I don’t like it that much, but you’ve posted it here, CCP can see it (they’ve likely looked at it already), and if they decide to implement it, we’ll know as soon as they announce it in a dev blog. Good luck.

(Cade Windstalker) #23

Yes, yes CCP does care about the market. That’s why they have an economist and at least one statistician on staff.

“Shaking things up” is not a guaranteed way of attracting new players, and if you “shake” things too hard too fast then you kill your existing playerbase. See: Star Wars Galaxies.

In short, your argument is bad and hollow and says nothing of note or interest. Change for the sake of change is pointless.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #24

Bear in mind that this would also impact on the PI market as the player built implants use those goods for manufacture.

In lore terms an implant is a deliacte combination of all sorts of fragile stuff. The shock of pod destruction would almost certainly leave an unusable mess of junk inside a cold meat popsicle.

(March rabbit) #25

LoL… i’m losing these sets by stupidity semi-regularly and feeling good :sunglasses:

(Bjorn Tyrson) #26

let salvagers work on corpses. have the potential salvage returned be based on the number and types of implants the clone had plugged in. (only usable on corpses still in space, and destroys the corpse in the process, so once scooped its useless which prevents people from emptying their meat lockers. and means that the game only needs to track the information of what implants the clone had until it is scooped, salvaged, destroyed, or cleaned up automatically. just like any other wreck)

and if we need some lore excuse for why you can’t harvest from scooped corpses. just fluff it as “multiple, rapid pressure and temperature changes will destroy whatever usable components might have survived”

High-grades and improved have a chance to give t2 loot for each one installed (after all, those implants cost about as much or more than a lot of t2 ships), mid-grade and standards would give a decent amount of t1, low grades and basics less, and on down through beta’s and limited.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #27

Now that I could definitely live with, salvaged pieces, not whole implants.

(Lutian) #28

I actually like the salvage aspect.

(Cade Windstalker) #29

This still runs into supply and demand problems because you’re still having a destroyed implant retain some amount of value in the system instead of going away completely.

That removes some of the ISK sink that implants from LP stores create and reduces the value of those implants making them a worse investment in terms of LP and ISK. The same applies to the few implants that can be manufactured by players.

Whether you’re ripping whole implants out of someone’s head or producing them from dropped components the fundamental economic issue with implementing something like this remains the same. That’s not to say that you couldn’t implement something like this, but I’m failing to see a strong case for any benefit in terms of gameplay or economics.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #30

I find the thread as one of those typical “I want more stuff” without much thought behind it. So if anything were to be implemented related to implants I’d rather see them be destroyed than being intact.

I still dislike the idea tho.

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #31

This is where my idea has a dice roll gambling chance of the doctor salvaging anything as well as a direct fee for using the doctors services in the first place.

If you say avg out an implant set to say 2.4bil isk, divided by 6 for alpha to omega, you would end up with 400mil avg value. But we all know that omegas or epsilons are worth considerably more and alphas and betas are less. If the doctors fee is a % of that avg value, a very high % in the 60-80% range. This would mean that even if you got an implant it would be a dice roll as to whether you scored a nice deal or even lost isk entirely in your attempt.

Making a psuedo game of it, much like the hacking minigame, where you would control the doctors efforts as you uncover and “see” the different implants over time as you clear the game. Where if you are working on removing say a delta and the omega shows up ‘over there’ you could change from the delta to the omega thereby destroying the delta in the process but your reward might be higher in the final end. Where as if you stick with the delta you are almost guaranteed to get it but would miss the omega for lack of time. Think the destruction of the cans in the sleeper sites after a timer goes off.

It would add a bit of player added fun to the entire process rather than activate salvager or hit enter and receive bacon.

So I think the very real possibility of the gambling action where you can make hundreds of millions or lose those hundreds if you only get a bad priced implant. And only 1, max 2 which would be extremely rare, would ever be possible. Wouldnt make it an issue with overproduction or overusage and would be a rather niche thing to do.

Think shooting craps. Its a gamble you make with a dead persons soul!!:smiling_imp:

(Cade Windstalker) #32

The problem with this idea in general is that if you actually even out the value proposition then there’s very little reason to ever bother using your proposed mechanic. You pay an ISK fee for a chance at materials or implants or whatever and we assume that the fee and the chance of salvage is worked out so that the value retained by the game is roughly break even or very slightly in the player’s favor why would anyone ever bother using it?

Plus you still have the problem of shifting value away from Implant manufacture and LP stores, two things that kinda don’t need any more hits to their value considering the value of LP has, on the whole, dropped while the ISK supply in the economy and the price of PLEX have both gone up.

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #33

Some people do like to gamble and gambling on “dead souls” as it were would be a very Eve thing to do.

(Cade Windstalker) #34

Yeah, but Eve players on average are very profit minded, and won’t go for something that isn’t profitable, and even if it’s barely profitable you’re still hurting an area of the game that doesn’t really need the damage.

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #35

All of the gamblers on the gambling sites… someone had to lose for it to work would disagree with you.

(Cypherous) #36

I loot them just because i like collecting things

(Arcanith Lionheart) #37

Did you also keep the Scientist from the NPE?

I got mine, dumped the survivors and have an army of militants!

(Cypherous) #38

The NPE didn’t exist when i started playing back in 2004 :stuck_out_tongue:

(Arcanith Lionheart) #39

Make an alt and kidnap the scientist! XD

(minx trader) #40

people have been asking for this for years