Extracting implants

I think…since we have skill extractors we should have implants extractors as well…im sure there are lots of people that wish they could extract the implants they don’t use anymore and sell them

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Implants, like rigs are a material sink. If they could be reused, their value would drop dramatically. The way the game is currently balanced they are expensive and it hurts when you lose them - as intended!


yes it hurts when implants are lost, also the head hurts a little…lol just like your head hurts to put this phrase together… but you are wrong…I’m not saying to get the implants back when you get podded ( no idea where you got that idea from ) when you get podded you loose your implants in any case…also the implants are expensive not because you can’t extract them,but because they are rare just like faction mods…what i am saying is to have the option to extract implants that you don’t need to use anymore

Do Little didn’t mention podding. ‘Losing’ in this context is the destruction during the unplug action.

As he said: implants are an intentional resource sink, like rigs for ships. Being able to spend PLEX to remove them safely is not healthy for the game economy on so many levels.

Rarity for implants is absolutely a function of their single use design: if people could unplug them, then over time the market would become saturated by all the discarded implants people unplugged. Forced loss mechanics are part of what regulates value in EVE.

Sounds like a really good idea

I agree with the OP, I have clones sitting with Implants that I no longer use, implants that I invested a lot of ISK and or materials to get.

CCP could implement another ISK sink by charging an in-station fee for implant removal. Players could then sell or trade those implants to other characters.

That’s a good way to help remove excess materials and ISK from the game. Until some option to remove and reuse implants is implemented, my unused jump clones with various implants in them will just continue to sit in stations.

CCP could also apply that option to corpses which would deliver broken implants. Those would need to be fixed through Industry which would require more materials and ISK to fix them.

There was event this year that result in drooping implants like normal loot. Many people used it to recycle old clones and get some isk back.

I think this is probably a good idea, and something that could be monetized without a lot of complaints.

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