Implant Salvaging

I know that there are numerous corpse collectors in the game and it got me thinking, what if corpses could prove more useful to those that took the time to collect them? I think it would be cool if when you scooped the corpse of a pilot that was wearing implants, if you could salvage the implants from the corpse and either sell or use them for yourself. that way they don’t have to go to waste every time their wearer perishes. I was thinking perhaps it could work similar to how loot drops from destroyed ships. When the pilot is podded the implants have a chance at being destroyed, however they also have a chance to drop. The two ways I’ve thought of for how the actual collecting of the implants could go would be either the winner would scoop the corpse and reprocess it for the implants to drop, or perhaps the pod could leave a small wreck which the implants could be looted from.


I myself like the idea, however, implants are destroyed when removed. If implants were to drop from corpses, then CCP would have to overhaul the way implants can be used; make them “unplugable”. I’m not sure if that would be good or bad…

My .02


perhaps instead of dropping the implant as it is they could drop a “damaged” version that can be plugged in but will be less effective than its mint counter-part, or possibly repaired to its original form. So for example if I were to die with my set of +5 implants and my ocular filter were to drop it would be a “damaged ocular filter - improved” and it would only provide +4 to your perception rather than +5, and you could take it to a particular station for repair to turn it back into an “ocular filter - improved”.


maybe +2 or 3 instead, half the effectiveness. +4’s are still quite expensive


That is a fair point, half as effective would make more sense


I kinda like the idea of recoverable implants if it were difficult. It would help drive conflict if the resulting corpses had more potential value.
Perhaps a low chance to be able to recover a corpse in a condition where such a delicate and intricate thing as an implant would be recoverable? Maybe only in a clone bay is the equipment for getting implants out intact?(isk sink) Then they would need to be refurbished before being able to be reused, so really we could either just sell them or pay npc to refurbish them properly for us (isk sink)


That’s actually a very good idea for how it would work, makes it more complicated and expensive to get the implants out of the corpses so we don’t have a huge influx of people ganking just for implants


I support this idea 100%

(the fact that I have collected 2,395 corpses has absolutely nothing to do with my support)


So if we can replug implants from corpses why not just unplug from clone for damaged version?

Oh, and I want also salvageable rigs from ships, also with -50% stats.

Someone forget about idea behind this types of “modules”.

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Implants are destroyed for economic reasons. Just like ships don’t have a chance to salvage an intact ship. This would badly deflate the implant market by doing this, even in damaged form.

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To be precise: implants come mainly form LP shops. So by introducing a competition that ISK sink feature will become less efficient.

i think this is a bad idea

  1. what makes eve different from other mmos is that you loose somethg when you are killed.
    Remember that many people don’t loose much when they loose their ship, because of insurance, and (alliance or corp) SRP programs. So if you allow to recover some implants from their pod, they will loose less
    Eve is already supposed to be too safe, making it “safer”, is not a good idea
  2. trying to give a financial interest to all activities (like corpse collecting) is not mandatory. It is great that some people do somethg just because they find it fun, not for isks or for some valuable items. Doing a roaming fleet just for fun, traveling through all systems of new eden, teaching newbies, collecting corpses, or even creating songs on youtube about eve, and so on…

‘juicing’ corpses to make boosters.

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You make good points. I am convinced.

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Many implants are an isk sink as they are bought off the lp stores. Removing isk sinks is a bad idea.

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It is. Only you want it and you have whole forum against you. Consider stop spamming since you are on lost position anyway.

In empire it should be a crime, you should have to do it in space and get a suspect flag.

…and it should work on existing corpses.

Bunch of Grave Robbers you are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pretty EvE-sque! :heart_eyes:

CCP is struggling with ISK not leaving the game and you want to counter that goal. I don’t see this happening.

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It is a way for ISK to leave the game though, think about it. When you put ISK into the clone bay to retrieve the implants the ISK goes out of circulation, as well as when you pay for a service to get them refurbished. The ISK goes to NPCs, taking them out of circulation correct?