Implant extractor?

Isn’t it about time we had a way to extract unwanted implants? Could be an item ‘Implant extractor’ that can be bought with plex, and allows you to extract either one implant at a time, or all implants at once. Price would have to be set in a way that it makes it actually worth using it. Probably not worth it for cheap basic implants.

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Nonsense. You can remove them just by unplugging them. If it’s about not wanting to lose them, but wanting to keep and to reuse them, then you haven’t understood just yet, that it’s on purpose. It works just like rigs. They’re one-use-only items.


Yeah, it is interesting to have different ways to boost your dude that have different trade-offs and effects. I see nothing wrong with how implants work, especially given how easy and cheap jump clones are now to get.

It could be done of course. But I think though the main reason not to implement this is the negative effect it would have on people who produce implants to sell on the market. It would devalue their work for a marginal effect.

Consumption is good for the economy. For that reason alone I don’t think we’ll ever see an implant extractor or a way to harvest implants from dead clones.


Implants are a good isk sink i’d go as far as comparing them to the old clone types which you had to buy after getting poded or lose sp.Why do you want to ruin a good isk sink? Isk in itself is very hard to take out of the economy or destroy and very easy to create

Hmmm, I kinda like the idea of a special ‘Implant Extractor’ module that can be applied to pointed pods…

Though it would take away the fun of cracking the egg!


Just be glad you’re not pulling out brain matter as well when yanking out implants …

What you want is a Standup Crematory Oven I for structures, where you can process corpses. But you’d also have to train Eulogy to get implants from it. And when you train Last Rites, too, then you get a chance for a rare implant where two implants have melted together into one.


You need an unstable egg scrambler which will probably be added soon to trig space


Implants are not an isk sink cause the isk do t get removed from the game. Just the market fee are an isk sink. You buy smth then your isk are going to the seller. Only the LP shop is an isk sink but most ppl buy them on a trade hub

Btw no to the op its uselesd cause you can get to much jumpclones

Where do implants come from again?

Maybe rng drops from rnd faction spawns ? I cant buy a crystal set in lp shop

Are u serious lol?

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You can ? Nice i wanna buy a lor of implant sets from your lp shop

Dude, don’t be rude. Of course you’ll have to buy most implants from LP stores. Sure, they cost LP, but they also cost ISKs. That some implants fall also as loot isn’t anyhow a factor in the argument. All them 6% implants and the +5 attribute implants come from LP stores and take ISKs out of the game.


Yes thats correct but you stil cant say that implants are an isk sink. Its like " all femals are human " thats correct and " all humans are female " thats incorrect. And a good amount of impland are stll the rnd drop

Actually most implants come from lp stores
Also I can’t believe how silly you are yet hold to your misconception

Dude im farming lerning imps any i know where they came from… but its not an correct information if you said " (all) implants are an isk sink "

Don’t spin my words to save your incompetence I didn’t say all I said most

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You dont say all and you dont say most you just said “implants” and this says you mean all implants so pls kow what you write

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Stop being so rude. Why do you need to make such a scene over a simple sentence? You’re only reading it wrong. Everybody else got it.