Implant extractors

We have Skill extractors in game and in the same way I think it could be a nice idea to have Implant extractors in order to recover plugged implants intact. I think it would give more versatility and options.

Maybe each Implant Extractor should cost 20m isk, so if the implant cost is lower it will be better to destroy the plugged implant instead using an extractor.

And of course, if someone wants to change all his/her entire implant set frequently it costs arround 200m isk per 10 slots, it’s not cheap.

The implant market is quite an important part of the LP market. So much so that CCP shied away from removing attributes purely because of the effect it would have on LP value not having attribute implants anymore.
This sort of thing would cause a nearly as severe shock to the LP market.


Jump clone :]

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Elaborate please.

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Implants also provide a useful ISK sink and some interesting choices for combat pilots who need to balance the bonus provided by the implants against the risk of loss.

Skills and implants aren’t the same since you don’t lose skills when you die (unless you’re flying a strategic cruiser and then the loss occurs when the ship dies - not the pod). Skill extractors also tend to remove skillpoints from the game since most of the people using injectors will be getting at most 80% of the SP.

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