A fun and interesting way to handle corpses and implants

Ccp could make it so you can scoop corpses and take them somewhere shady so the implants get taken out for a fee and you can keep the ones that survive the process.

I mean this as everyday gameplay not an event.

Maybe the corpse is lost if you do it so you have to choose between keeping the corpse or try taking its implants? (rendered unrecognizable and disposed as biomass)

I think this sort of morbid gameplay element fits a sci fi game. What’s more morbid, nihilistic and dystopian than killing someone, opening them up and unhooking their brain stuff, cleaning it up a little and hooking it inside your own brain?

A friend who heard me talk about it said this:

“That would be pretty cool…having to go to sansha NPC nullsec stations since they’re all about weird cybernetic fetish.”

You’d have people hauling corpses to those places and getting ganked and corpses would basically become actually valuable loot objectively worth going after!

This could heighten gameplay for those people who want corpse seeking and handling as part of their gameplay but maybe don’t necessarily want to collect them but would prefer them to be objectively useful.

What do you guys think?


While it does fit, it also decreases destroyed implants massively.

Indeed, I was thinking the success of them being retrieved could be a 50% maybe? but yes, it would definitely have an impact in the game and the economy, would have to work out the details but that’s beyond my scope, ccp terrain.

Consider that 50% halves the market overnight.

Are you implying the current event did that as well?

Rule of thumb for the EVE Online forums.

If someone uses the word “interesting” to describe their idea, it’s a bad idea.

This rule still remains true here.


Even if it was just a 10% chance! :joy: I KNEW there was a reason I keep container after container of my dead foes corpses! :fire:

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For a small time yes though it will have been slightly offset by increased pod kills from the norm. There is a difference between impacting a market for a week or two vs impacting a market long term in how it influences behaviour.
As an event it will have caused a spike in killing behaviour, as a long term thing it will settle back down to a norm.

The implant market is a delicate market, but this is not necessarily a bad thing given its unique niche and how implants are procured in the first place. Implant reclamation would disrupt the market in undesirable ways by flooding the market with new implants or lowering demand of existing implants since people could reclaim those they already have.

At best there could be a skill introduced that gives you a very low % chance (I’m talking like 2%) per skill level of removing intact implants that you a remove from yourself or from a corpse, but this would add such little value to the game that it is probably not worth having. It would also give too much of an advantage to players who are already ultra-blingy and/or are part of ultra-powerful fleets because they’d just add new implants to their collection from the corpses of their enemies, thereby increasing the imbalance between the strong and the weak.

So overall, it’s a neat idea, but it has some negative implications to the market and power dynamics.

Do note that this would need significant recoding of the way corpses are handled btw, so the benefits would have to be large in order to make this worthwhile.

As much as I like the idea, I think it should be pigeonholed for now. CCP has enough problems atm.

So how about making the chance of recovering implants this way really low? like 5-10% or maybe even less. Or maybe a higher chance but you only really get to recover 1 or 2 if you’re lucky.

What this would do is encourage to haul bodies in droves, to get significant rewards.

Stash those bodies, freezer them up and haul them over once you have quite a few of them.

You could even not bother hauling them and just setting up a contract to sell lots of bodies to someone who wants to try their luck with implant removal, not saying the bodies would be worth a lot because of the low chance of retrieval but they would be worth something probably, depending on the desirability and stuff.

I mean, they can do what they may but let’s be real, CCP will always be overloaded and if they weren’t EVE would be dead or near-dead probably.

Looks like we’ll find out soon enough…

The dent to the market in terms of supply/demand would be low, but the imbalance to power-play dynamics would be high. The last thing the ultrapowerful need are more implants taken from the corpses of their weaker foes. We cannot have weak players feed strong players implants. Module drops are one thing - implants are another.

Another issue I forgot to mention: the % recovery rate would be so low (if this were to be implemented, in order for it to be non-catastrophic) that it would be a stupid high investment for time to invest toward a skill relative to the actual cost of the implants themselves, even the pirate faction implants. So really this skill isn’t worthwhile at all.

Corps degradation timer

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