How committing suicide by letting a trader extract implants from you can be a good thing

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a new ship type (sisters of eve?) with the ability to extract implants in exchange for money from pod pilots that are flying around in space trying to get back home after having lost their ship in a fight. This can potentially be a NPC mission for SOE, but not necessarily. i think dedicating a whole ship type might be a little overboard but at least you’ll know its safe and that you’ll get a fair financial deal with the trader that has set up shop with the ship (he’s likely to sell the implants he extracted from you for a markup somewhere else). also you’ll die from the procedure and the trader will have your corpse in his collection (god knows what he’ll do with it) but at least you’ll get home faster to reship and buy yourself a new set of implants with the money you made from the earlier transaction.

this can become a station service too probably but i dont know if its a viable idea or not

these ships would probably need slightly bigger cargo bay in case people also have valuable loot they want to sell you that they stored in the system but never got around to selling it, or maybe point you in the direction of their epic ship wreck site where they got killed so you can salvage the T2 wreck and loot whats left in the can, and loot any corpses still hovering around

this is likely to lower the cost of all implants in the game and increase demand for them too, or the other way around

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This is lovely.

In the 10 years I have been reading these 4 different incarnations of the EVE forums I have seen approximately 764,392 times when someone whom must live in an area where pot is legal and available in abundance, or whom has obviously been indulging in alcohol comes up with a great idea on how to change the game and shares it with everyone. Possibly thinking that someone at CCP is going to read it, slap themselves on the forehead and exclaim “What brilliance! Why didn’t we think of this when we were intoxicated?” And then set it on the agenda for the next core development board meeting.

The number of times that CCP has done this is 0.

But keep posting these great ideas. It does give some content when there is nothing else to do.

What would be a hoot is to pretend that this was implemented and create some fan fiction.

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haha, now that you said it i do hope this happens!

(Nevyn Auscent) #4

CCP already have worries about implant prices and what could happen to the LP markets if they ever removed attributes (& therefore attribute implants).
This idea would just make it ten times worse, while not helping the main people who actually are affected by implant prices, which are both new people & Null/WH players. One because they can’t afford the set to start with, and the other because they can lose that many pods a day due to bubbles.

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probably traders would try to sell their extracted implants in all sorts of systems outside of Jita to sort of double or tripple the initial markup. this might mean an increased demand for implants to be sold regularly in certain systems (especially in the duration of a war dec or some other ongoing conflict). but its just a guess of how it might play out

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alternatively, the trader could offer its customers further convenience in terms of not having to go through the hassle of buying new implants and putting them on once they wake up in a new clone back at home…

merchants/traders are allowed to own offices in cloning services in stations/citadels where they can sell implants that are automatically implanted to your clone upon wake up. These merchants can set prices for their service and set prices for their implants. The SOE ship merchant can try include this as a package deal and provide a reasonable price for the convenience of waking up with the same set of implants that you just sold to the merchant (the cloning service can potentially even allow you to for a limited time only change to a different set of implants in case you had a change of heart while reshipping to your new pvp ship, provided that you buy from the same office).

the citadel owners get in on the action by setting tax rate for renting an office in the cloning service.

office owners can potentially offer their customers more package deals and special prices for returning customers or bulk sale

the office owners would have to travel to each station/citadel where he has an office to stock up on implants when running low on supply

(Do Little) #7

Implants represent a significant ISK sink and the game needs even more sinks to soak up the excess ISK so - I would only support something like this if the extracted implants were unusable - collectors items or cosmetic only!

Edit: payment would need to be ISK already in game (i.e. another player) not created out of thin air by an NPC.