Implant Bomb Hack

so this is something we’ve seen in movies, namely mission impossible 3

the brain bomb implant.

Concept we’re all familiar with the person is forced to do your bidding because the implant in their brain will explode.

however for the eve universe i have an interesting take on this, branched off of a similar idea i had a while ago when dealing with AFK cloaky campers. (which was killing the capsuleers inside the pod without harming the ship)

but basically the idea here is that you have a new kind of implant (instead of just faction, officer, pirate you could have Criminal as a type of implant) this implant allows you over time and with the right module to attempt to scan an enemy pod for implants, if they have implants, you begin to hack them this neurological capsuleer v capsuleer battle.
if you as the aggressor win, you kill the enemy capsuleer, whos ship spits out the body.
leaving it fresh for the pickings.

my idea behind this was mainly for the purposes of capturing larger enemy ships such as caps, supers, JF’s, titans etc as its not attacking the ship, its attacking the Capsuler directly by passing all the ships standard anti electronic warfare protocols.

meaning that for smaller groups with low players could have a solid attempt at taking larger assets from bigger groups and most likely sell them back to them, this also keeps with the pirate theme in the game too.
if you try this and loose, you suffer the same effect. so providing risk vs reward is balanced this could be interesting.

TLDR allows smaller groups to fight back vs larger groups and brings a sweet new form of piracy and team work to the game.

(important stuff ends here, rambling on why i think its a cool idea below)

I can see the game having an effect of capsuleers in this state who are killed cause an interference on the FTL communication network, meaning that the more people who die in this state cause a compounding connection issues within that system, which ultimately could / would effect the battle and how it plays out.

lore wise my thinking is that the FTL comms network is capable of handling multiple individual consciousness being transported in rapid succession but two which are blending causes a form of massive stress as the system has to store, seperate, reconstruct and transfer in a very small space of time.

assuming war clones are coming back, this would be cool for the capsuleer to be working with the warclones who can board ships and win key strategic points, it also means having a buddy capsuleer swoop in and nab the ship would be cool as hell.
creating a very cool and co-ordinated team work effort.

Suicide squad for eve online

So how expensive is this implant and how annoying is the minigame? I think the idea is dumb overall but I’m willing to entertain your thoughts. If you can’t balance the cost/rarity of the implant the nullsec subcap meta during cap brawls will probably devolve into “spam the enemy titan with a bunch of shitty frigates in hopes one hacks his pod.”

no minigame, it would be a timer based off of capsuleer stats

my thinking is for example intelligence vs intelligence.

no idea about the cost because the aspect of game play surely will need to be tested for proof of concept before cost and rarity is balanced but i imagine it would have a hefty cost on it considering you can directly kill capsuleers.

regarding frigates descending onto the enemy titan to spam, this could be a possibility, perhaps in the event of titans and structures you have to send in warclones to disable safeguards to allow capsuleer connection.

going directly for the titan capture would likely just get you tanked unless you were in a very specific style ship to tank fleet battles with massive resists.

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