Pirate Capules - Can carry and switch between 2 sets of implants

Pirate Faction pods/capsules

  • 500 mil-2 billion isk for an empty pod
  • Can put 2 different sets of implants inside it but only one can be active at the time
  • Has 30 seconds cooldown between switching sets
  • These pods would provide high utility for players
  • They would also be pricey, not just for the capsule itself, but also a loss of a pod would result in both sets of implants being destroyed, creating high risk - high reward style of play for those who dare to use them
  • Pod would create a new icon that player can drag onto his ship module UI and active whichever sets of implants he wants by click of a button. This would also change color of icon so that it is easily noticeable which set is in use

So the idea is to make high end pod for players who would find benefit in using them. For example a nano player can use snake pod for fights or nomad one for jumping between gates, or a snake one for kiting and asklepian one for tanking once he is taking damage etc.

Furthermore this creates new monetization options for CCP through their store if they wish to slightly redesign pods, making them look cooler and also sell skins for them.

your idea is to grow a second head … doest look like a smart idea …

you know how easy it is to abuse this ? xD → stupid idea !

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