Hacking other ships during combat

There should be a mini-game where during a battle, you can hack into enemy ships and sabotage their modules, like turn crap completely off, overheat, control their speed, direction, control guns to shoot their own allies, etc.

You assume that engaging gameplay outside of the n+1 ganking paradigm is even a conceivable concept in Iceland.

Also Webs control their speed and you can inhibit the enemy’s damage range…


Cool with that, but if you fail, their ships emergency defense systems kick in, making them invulnerable for 1 minute and your ship gets disabled for 1 minute (all modules turn off, speed 0, no shields). Ya?


The hacking mini game should be applied when boarding an unattended ship. It makes sense really.

I mean a even a car has a lock and an alarm, but somehow an expensive spaceship has no locking mechanism


I don’t need hacking to be a mini-game in EVE. I’m perfectly fine with doing it the old-school way, Jeff.

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If you want to sabotage someone’s modules you can use EWAR. If you want to turn their crap completely off you can use energy neutralizers. If you want to control their speed you use scramblers or webs. If you want to control their direction you can bump them. If you want their allies to be shot, you can shoot them yourself.

No need to be ‘able to hack other ships during combat’ to do those things, you can already do it!


Others game use this and its balance issues.

Wow mind control (MC)while there has enough downsides you’d not readilly use it in pvp.

One of its balance tradeoffs is only 1 class gets it. and that class has several other things to do that be more important.

If one wnats to disarm an opponent…you’d send in a rogue. To make it more eve-speak…recons.

the balance is/was needed. In PVE priests use MC to drop mobs off cliffs all the time lol. Saves time on trash kills not worth the effort. that be unbalanced in pvp.

you misunderstand. I am talking not about just shutting down but completely take control over the enemy ship’s systems.

I play Eve since February 2004, I yet need to see an unattended ship.

So never once have you seen even an abandoned corvette outside a station?
It’s almost impossible you have not come across one since 2004, more likely you just never noticed them.

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nope. never. Maybe in a POS or something but never anything useful left abandoned.

You need to look harder, I obtained my first Orca by stealing it from an AFK miner that was using it as a mobile hangar for his Hulk


Whether is it good idea or not, it has 0 chance to be implemented by devs. Stuff like this just doesn’t happen for decades - they don’t need to, majority of the player base is satisfied and wants the game not to change at all. And despite all of its flaw, peoples still play it and more importantly spend tons of cash on it so they don’t have to do anything other than balance changes (read nerfs).

Then again, we were all satisfied with the old forums before they came out with this abomination of a version we got now, so all is possible.

:sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

Lets say, that the developers would be actually reading the forum looking for ideas what to do (they are not). Do you really think that your idea, that has been largely rejected by forum player base would be chosen?

Really, the forums are there only to vent your frustration and anger or to workaround the fact that the actual game is super boring and plays itself so you have your hands and eyes free to do something else.

can i have your stuff?

Imagine a fight of a single battleship versus many frigates.

It’s a tough fight, the frigates seem to be winning, but it’s very close; the battleship managed to kill many frigates and the frigate fleet gets close to losing the critical mass to overcome the repairs of the battleship.

No matter how it ends, provided all involved players are the type of player who can handle the thought of losing a ship, this engagement is thrilling and fun. For both sides!

Now imagine if both sides had access to your ‘hacking’ idea.
At least a few of the frigates will be hacking the single battleship, sabotaging their modules and making it shoot their own MTU and do whatever else you thought fun from the viewpoint of the hacker, etc. etc.,

Hacking would make it a very one-sided fight when the battleship isn’t able to fight back due to being unable to use their own modules. They’re a sitting duck, watching their own ship go down without capability to fight back. Sure, the frigates may have ‘fun’ destroying an enemy ship without opposition, but it’s not a good or exciting fight at all.

Just like the old ECM modules, such a fight where one side could just as well walk away from their chair due to being unable to do anything simply isn’t fun.

CCP removed the old ECM modules for a reason, players are meant to be able to do something when they’re flying a combat-capable ship against enemies, because without that ability, it’s simply not fun.

A few ships being able to fight against a larger group due to superior firepower, skills or more a more expensive setup can be a lot of fun.

Your idea would remove that fun.

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although the suggested method would cause huge issues with game play.

what I could see working for an idea like this, would be new high slot module with a variety of charges.

so you’d find someone, web and scram them, and use new mod and a charge for whatever effect you want.

these charges could be a variety of computer viruses intended for attacking ships in a variety of ways.

you would then have faction and T2 versions which are basically more aggressive.

if a ship would get infected with a virus, you would have to have a type of Immune timer
limit a ship to only be able to infected with one virus at a time.
you get infected with a virus, assuming you can fight it off successfully, you then are granted an immunity timer from re-infection for X amount of hours to prevent people spamming.

one thing I could see is a “capacitor bomb virus” if you have a capacitor in real life and it becomes overcharged it explodes, so imagine doing this in game and it immobilising your enemy ship. other factors could be.
“Gate Jammers” - prevents you from using jump gates for X amount of time
“Isk Siphons” steals a limited amount of isk on next transaction (100k)
“Cool Down Extenders” weapons timer lasts for X amount of time, this now increases
“Capacitor Bomb” - causes an explosion dealing very low damage to the ship, drains cap and changes the recharge rate.
“Auto Destruct” (sub cap only)

TLDR: create a new module with a variety of Virus Charges to attack your enemy instead of a direct player hack

extra flavour idea: allow players to breed viruses to be more efficient on certain races, bloodlines, ships, even equipment type (T1 or T2 for example)
Allow it to spread between players who are on grid who are in the same alliance, corp / fleet, you could also flesh out trigger ideas such as warping or using jump drives

e.g. you find a capital and lock it up and use your uplink module to have a capacitor explode after it uses its jump drive, it jumps away, capacitor “explodes” and starts charging (slowly), your capital is now sitting in space.

Trigger events, gate jumps, jump drives, warping, TiDi, Wallet Payments
imagine infecting a someone with a virus which automatically detonates the ship, should the virus win which can also spread to fleet members, triggered in max TiDi, this would give spies the ability to sabotage enemy move ops, imagine TiDi Caps out and and a % of the enemy fleet just explodes, suddenly less assets on field, now less tidi.

I think this approach would be better, would need to be balanced and mapped of course, but this has more potential for the concept you’re looking for imho.