EWAR like chess, minigame. New modules with hacking strange like exploration hacking module

Make another EW in the form of simultaneously running arcade mini-games. Where everyone is both attacking and defending. And it invests the available power of e-combat modules in the corresponding program modules. Something similar to chess, but simpler, out of a total of 16 figures. It is possible to “freeze” the time for a short while for all participants during the choice of a move and to pause for those who came in the middle of a battle if at this time there was electronic warfare. But not necessarily. The ability to beat the attacker. The ability to disable a module for a while, the ability to give any command, you can come up with a lot of bonuses from hacking systems. For example, dropping the capsule “”
Invisible hacking to disable the work of the radar for a while, for example. Hacking to gain access to the building, resources, money. In the form of a mini-game, where even in the automatic protection mode you risk losing the resources invested in the cyber attack.

As usual, I apologize for the poor translation. Too much work to learn another language well.

Eve PvP can be over in a few seconds.

It may be technically possible to “freeze” participants in the game while they playing this simple chess, but can they be shot while doing it? Offers it benefits that people would actually do it while in regular combat?
More details needed.

Well there’s the thing: if they are playing the mini game and another player flies by and wants to exploit one of them or join in can they?

If they can’t then I think it’s changing the nature of Eve which is based on exploiting other players.

So you are proposing a E-War module that would pop modal window with captcha for all players around? Whoever solves it 1st - wins?

No. -1.


:-1: Even my joke proposal of a strategic “chess” game is more deep and sensible.

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not necessary. Everything can be thought out. It may be, for example, that a number of players in two opposing ships will be forced to skip a cycle or temporarily lose their support. It may be that some of the modules will turn off. I do not expand the topic. I suggest the beginning and then you can think through. Take a very simple Indi space game Cosmonautica . There electronic warfare offers to attack a specific direction and defend it. In real time. It all depends on the strength of skill and skill direction. Complicating can be placed for example on the field of protection modules and attacks. And to come to control or disable some module. It will not be a complete victory, only temporary. And it will not be massive, because several people will reduce the effectiveness of exposure.

Naturally, those who join will have to wait until the end of the game cycle. Not helping anyone. Although I’m not sure whether to freeze. Perhaps it would be better to do this in real time. This will raise the degree a bit)

And checkers) I hope you understand all the same that we are talking only about electronic warfare) Oh, is the translator really that bad) In general, great humor)

Such a bad idea.

I understood so no issue with the translation. It was just an example not a direct comparison. As others pointed out your EWAR concept is completely unfeasible due to how regular combat mechanics work and how little time is usually involved but even if more time is available this is just a mess and is not just over complicating things but also brings up a lot of issues who and when can interact with whom in a chaotic battle scene so a total mess not to mention to code it but even more for the players participating, there is no realistic way such a minigame could be added, not even in case of large fleet fights either… or especially in such cases. Either way, no matter the scale or urgency or time involved with the battle (or small fight or even just a duel) this idea would not work.

OK, I understand.

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