A new E-war Idea for player's and rats

Hi guys

With all the structures making safety that much closer, I would like to propose a module that would make them a bit further away again :P.

Align time E-war:

When cast on a player it increase’s their mass which in turn increase’s time needed to align. The idea would be that this e-war can go onto the new interceptor’s once they loose their warp bubble immunity. So they can land on grid, e-war you down and have a bit more time to catch their pray (disrupt/scram) before it warps off to safety, if people warp as someone enters local they will obviously get off way before the inti even land’s but it will help make everything that little bit more dangerous, which is something Eve needs right now, in my opinion.


Rat’s using this new e-war could be used in more risk/reward type of site’s, if you want the awesome loot at the end of the plex you have to venture in and risk having this e-war on you which will make it easier for player’s to catch you even 3 gates deep inside the complex depending on how much stacked e-war the rat’s use, which makes it very control-able; more e-war for the most dangerous/rewarding end room’s and the longer it takes to warp out of those.


Inti’s could have a further roll in trying to separate people from the pack during sharp turns of blob groups.

Very interested in hearing your thought’s guys.

And why would you do that instead of disrupting/scramming the enemy?


Sometimes you land 50-100km off, It’s something that goes with disrupting/scramming not replacing it.

But the lifeforms that play with themselves don’t want to have danger. All they want is to play with themselves.

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If they don’t want danger they shouldn’t be in nullsec xD

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There are ships that can land points at those ranges,use them?

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How is this tied in with structures? I’m also concerned it would mess with hole-rolling.

Gall recons with faction points go quite a way.

And hand back everyone’s apostrophes, please.


Especially if you have a buddy in a Magus, dropping an interdictor burst on you.

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Having power of a player’s mass would open a lot more control tactic’s than something you could simply replace with a super long point, also keres with faction point overheated is 54k cruiser version is like 58 but it’ll never be able to warp fast enough to be useful as scout, but I guess that much power in a players hands would just be abuse-able, maybe its better left for rat’s.

That would be a problem yea :confused:

FTFY. :grin:

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my idea is failing time to start lying

a keres heat is 63km
a keres working with a CD is 77km+100km with a MJFG

I’m electronic frig 5.

Maybe you should check facts before calling people lair’s :].

P.s. Plz post a screen shot of your over 100km point keres.

If they want no danger they shouldn’t be undocking. By pressing that undock button you agree that pvp can and will happen when people want to make it happen regardless of your decision to say otherwise.

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He very clearly said with an MJDFG.

Also, no poors. Republic fleet disruptor with skirmish links and heat is 77.6km. The same command dessy that gave you skirmish links can also take you 100km closer.

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If a command destroyer jumps with the ceptor into system thats 2 people new to local making it easier for people to see enemies entering system not only that but the command desi will slow down the ceptor’s work speed so you effectively land on grid later as well giving the target more time to warp off, so you cant really add boost’s + mjd.

+2 spike will definitely get noticed more than +1, but honestly, not a big enough difference to matter. Also, a Keres is not a cepter.

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Sorry lol my bad hmm, yea I guess your right. No poor’s huh you just gave away your main :] recognize your dialect from bringing solo back channel :].

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