I hit my head on toilet and it came to me

A module that can increase miner killmails while increasing desire to be active by miners.

mid slot, manually activated ( so afk or not back in time then double bad), where this module jettisons a powerful counter warp distruption consuming a 100mill ammo [ can very between tech level and ship size].
this allows the ship to warp off.

more expensive can be “bumpproof” but the point is the use of this module generates a killmail for the amount of the cost of the thing it uses.

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What’s the point of this module?

so if i understand correctly, a module you can jettison from a cargo or miner bay that explodes and causes the warp disrupter to malfunction, allowing the freighter to warp away? i like it.

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Why do we need this new module when you can just fit a Warp Core Stabilizer?

I thought of a few uses and honestly i didnt consider freighters, and makes sense as well to encourage other risky behavior by indy folk.

First idea i had was centered around ship availablity of miners making more targets for pvp. So if miners who are able to return to the alert sound, that there ship is caught, then this makes it so they keep their ship, but pvper still gets a form of kill / destoryied isk credit.

Point is net increase in action

How does this cause a “net increase” in action?

This sounds like a very easy “get out of jail free” card. What’s in it for the gankers? A warm sense of satisfaction that they caused the miner to waste a small amount of ISK and get away safely?

This seems really counter to the core design of EVE. If you’re away from your keyboard and not paying attention, you shouldn’t be able to just moonwalk out of danger.

And even more, I still don’t know why this is better than a Warp Core Stabilizer. Both of them encourage people to take riskier behaviors since the WCS allows the pilot to escape a single point of warp disruption. The only difference is that the WCS already exists in game.

so warp core stabs save the ship, i dont want them saved, but i also dont want them too discouraged or unable to undock.

theoretically it can increase lowsec indy activity, which could bleed over into wars. So say if the base cost is say 50 mill for the special cap or whatever that the module uses, then youll see more tech 2 mining ships and orca chancing it and if they get cocky, there should be ways to use that… again its about increasing action

yeah and im thinking a single charge so if say someone is trying to move an orca through lowsec they need to have coordination to stay alive so it isnt just a free pass.

Straight up, 50m is chump change. You can make that much ISK in an hour with an Alpha clone that tosses its Buddy Referral bonus skillpoints into some Drone skillls. If your idea were implemented, I can foresee people abusing how cheap that module is as a “get out of jail free card” for everything.

And I mean “free.” 50m is almost nothing. I would glad pay 50m to be able to warp ANY of my ships entirely risk free from any kind of warp disruption.

Like I said, Warp Core Stabs already exist in the game. Would you mind explaining how your idea “increases action”? From my point of view, someone prepares and plans a gank, and then losses out on a kill just because they had this easy and cheap escape card they can use at any time.

why dont warp core stabs break the game? i mean you seem experienced in alpha clone isk making, and not interested in combat oppertunties… ill say it slow… if someone thinks they have a easy escape button and loses their ship before they can use it… =D vs they go join some null mega corp and have intel channels and warp bubbled gates.

Because WCS only provide 1 unit of Warp Core Stability. This means a ganker who is determined enough to use Scramblers or call his friends to bring multiple points of warp disruption can overcome that obstacle.

Your idea would render useless all warp disruption effects on the ship.

So you tell me why a Warp Core Stabilizer doesn’t break the game but your idea would.

it rewards people not afk, but also doesnt give the hunter the nothing they otherwise would get if the player never was there.

Would love to see creative ideas. Such as how to isolate this maybe for lowsec use, or pros and cons to doing stuff like that.

what if they cant be tethered or dock in a citidel or station or go into a pos shield for 1 min due to the warp field build up still around them. They could think they are safe at a saved warp point that a recon is warping too, or a small gang can be waiting at the citadel ( im back after 5 years so… either way they can still get caught, but they get a chance at running and hunters get a chance at chasing.

For example anomalous flux thing from structures in null make the warp bubble burst not work out there. Could be the lower the sec status the lower chance it has to work.

I for one am happy killing a 20 mill frig and dont really care how much it hurts their pockets just so long as players keep playing and take more chances.

This seems like a disingenuous statement intended to make it seem like your idea is good, but you still fail to explain why your specific idea would work better than a Warp Core Stabilizer.

i did, so you been making disingenious criticisms, that guise in fact being complaints about change. Why?

Doesnt matter if you arent capible of being constructive.

I’m asking why your idea is better than a Warp Core Stabilizer. Something you’d dodged and avoided answer this whole time. Please address it.

Apart from what i said already about blocking station access and 1 use only, as in cannot reload gate to gate, implying needing to dock to rearm ( i was not clear about that so that is really helpful you helped me see i glossed over that) warp core stabs offer nothing if you lock the target up and it warps off. This does offer something. and a ship the size of an orca could be a killmail of 400 mill. The numbers need work, constructive feedback on how to make it good.

again my hope is that it would give a structure like killmail just for catching the ship even if doesnt pop.

that is very different from warp core stab and was explained in the first post

The numbers need work in the sense that this module is a really bad idea that runs counter to the core concept of EVE as a harsh and cruel environment.

And you don’t explain why your idea is better than the WCS as it is now. You’re just talking about the difference. I’m aware it is different, but I don’t see why people need such a powerful tool when they can simply be paying attention and/or use a module that is already in the game.

I still do not know what good a “get out of jail free” card like would ever serve other than for lazy miners who are AFK to cover for their mistakes.

-1, bad idea only designed for carebear

If all you have left is personal insults, it looks like there’s nothing more to discuss. :slight_smile: