Real electornic warfare

How about getting so real electronic warfare modules?

Real electronic warfare actually involves most of the time introducing viruses in the target computer to create disruption or overload/shutdown systems.

In the case of EVE, we could have a new module (on the attacker ship) that forces a targeted ship random module to reboot as if it was unmounted/remounted (which takes a few seconds in space).

The modules could have various size (S, M, L) that directly impact the probability to reboot a module.
A S module alone could not reboot a Capital ship module because bigger ship have more redundancy implemented that smaller ones.
But say 20 S module would have a chance at it, versus 1 L.

And the randomness of the module being shutdown means that you could shutdown a MWD (reducing chances of escape) or launcher (reducing dps).
On the ‘defender’ side, its means that you might get a chance to survive if only a minor module is rebooting or you get podded.

I think this type of module/warfare would add more randomity/interesting effect in PVP.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed.
Flames will be doused. :wink:

This is effectively what current EWAR represents though…

But the current EWAR only affects things such as targeting range, rotation,…
They are predictable, and can be countered.
And because of that you keep seeing the same ships on attack and defense.
How many warpcore stabilizers do I need to counter 1-2 scramblers. How any scramblers do I need to counter 1-2 stabilizers…
What happens if I fit 3? What do I sacrifice for that?
It is just an escalation war.
Thus nullifying the desired effect.

Anyway, I just wanted to suggest something a bit different.
if people are happy with current EWAR, so be it :slight_smile:

Incorrect. Electronic warfare involves using electromagnetic fields or directed energy (like lasers) to assault or impede enemy equipment.

Using software is poorly named “cyber warfare” and is an entirely different paradigm. Eve’s ECCM is basically dead on for what EWAR is, and close enough to how it works for the purposes of the game.


Not true. Chaff was stupid effective in World War II for radar jamming and only used strips of aluminum foil. EWAR can use methods simpler and more primitive than computer viruses (electromagnetic radiation, laser sighting, etc) to achieve devastating results. Each of the existing EWAR systems are highly effective and none of the require viruses to accomplish their tasks. If you want to introduce a new EWAR module, that’s fine, but to suggest a new one is needed because the existing ones “aren’t really EWAR” is going to quickly have people disagreeing with you and not focus on the new module you’re proposing.

This would be incredulously overpowered, so absolutely not.

There MUST be counters to EWAR, but here’s the thing - just because counters exist doesn’t mean they’re easy to implement and execute. Outside of destroying the EWAR ship in question, it requires a lot of effort to and coordination to counteract an EWAR ship if its impact is truly devastating (which it normally is). This is why the presence of an EWAR ship - even a T1 EWAR frigate - can strike fear into the enemy and tip the scales of battle.

This isn’t practical at all whatsoever. PVP ships don’t use warp stabs - the passive penalties are extreme and so is the opportunity cost of wasting that slot in favor of all the other things you could have fitted instead. If you’re talking about haulers then you have a slightly stronger argument, but even then only a very select few ships benefit from warp stabs.

There isn’t anything realistic about any part of EVE space combat, except that ships sometimes explode when defeated in battle.

Otherwise we would have all sorts of issues with things like drifting debris from combat engagements causing legitimate hazards to space travel, and turrets would be largely useless except in tail-chase engagements.

There’s a reason the vast majority of space combat writing is modeled off of naval combat - and EVE doesn’t come close to applying the majority of those concepts.

Point taken.

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