EVE online Standalone Hacking Minigame... Kind of


Disclaimer: I am making this post here because I first wrote to the support and they told me I should ask on forum.
Thank you

I want to stay clear about intentions I have.
I am frontend developer and I am learning in game development.
One thing I really liked through my playing of EVE Online was exploration hacking minigame.
I had an idea that I would like to try to play it standalone. Did not find it anywhere.
My idea is that as I am learning game development I would like to learn in making something I liked as of have purpose in my trials and errors.
Your hacking minigame came to my mind.
Also theft did too, so here I am.

I would like to ask, if it will be ok or on what conditions I will be allowed to use mechanics and similarities of your hacking minigame in making my own.
I do not want to make exact standalone clone, if that will not be a demand for you to stay true to the concept and original.

Will here be possibility to negotiate about it?

Thank you very much