Exploration hacking mini-game desktop/mobile version

Is it permissible to implement an external version of the exploration hacking mini-game, for example, as an Android mobile app and/or desktop version?

What would be the point?

Is this so when you have scanned down a site, warped to it, have targeted the can and are orbiting it, instead of hacking it you can now turn down your monitor and do the hacking while you go to the toilet?

What if someone comes along and starts shooting your exploration ship while you’re hacking on the toilet?

Fun. Imagine that. Something to pass the time on a mobile or desktop.

Same reason people play minesweeper.

It’s just a game (something Eve Onliners forgot). Not sure why you’re overcomplicating things.

It has nothing to do with your ship in space, all it will do is get your hacking skill level (optionally), then play the hacking game on the app for fun.

At a glace the hacking minigame doesn’t look very difficult to emulate realistically - but it would take alot of research/data collection from running hacking sites and piecing it together for a model representation. I myself have always been kind of of wanting to make an emulation of the hacking game in eve, ive always enjoyed running them; ironically like minesweeper

It’s a graph, with random placement of node content, just place the nodes within a set of constraints (rule of 6 and if it’s before 8 it’s bait etc).

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It’s unlikely that CCP gives you explicit permission to do that because of legal reasons. It may be viable for them to “ignore” it and let you do your thing though, as long as you don’t make money with it. Give it a try!

yes please, i’ve been wanting this for years. it’d be perfect to spice up the commute to work on the train or as someone mentioned the can. just as a fun little minigame not to multidevice while doing exploration. just think it makes for a perfect minigame and it could even be good practice

CCP has already split their dev time so much, why are you asking them for more. Just play eve echo’s on your phone. It should have the hacking minigame already and instead of it being pointless you are at least getting isk for your echo’s.

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